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15th December 2006, 17:39
Forum site ranking system

Under your username you will notice a series of graphical pips representing your posting rank. This increases with your post count as outlined below.

The pip graphics are based on the Commodore tick used throughout the life of the Amiga in advertising, in printed material, and featuring on the case of early Amiga models.

The initial ranking system is based on the ranking system from the Amiga game Frontier: Elite 2 and new members will all begin with a single pip and a rank of Harmless.

The initial ten ranks you will rise though as you increase your post count are as follows:

No. of pips |Post Count |Rank

http://forum.classicamiga.info/images/classicamiga/ranks/amigapips_level_2_1.gif| 0 | Harmless

http://forum.classicamiga.info/images/classicamiga/ranks/amigapips_level_2_2.gif | 25 | Mostly Harmless

http://forum.classicamiga.info/images/classicamiga/ranks/amigapips_level_2_3.gif | 50 | Poor

http://forum.classicamiga.info/images/classicamiga/ranks/amigapips_level_2_4.gif | 75 | Below Average

http://forum.classicamiga.info/images/classicamiga/ranks/amigapips_level_2_5.gif | 100 | Average

http://forum.classicamiga.info/images/classicamiga/ranks/amigapips_level_2_6.gif | 200 | Above Average

http://forum.classicamiga.info/images/classicamiga/ranks/amigapips_level_2_7.gif | 300 | Competent

http://forum.classicamiga.info/images/classicamiga/ranks/amigapips_level_2_8.gif | 400 | Dangerous

http://forum.classicamiga.info/images/classicamiga/ranks/amigapips_level_2_9.gif | 500 | Deadly

http://forum.classicamiga.info/images/classicamiga/ranks/amigapips_level_2_10.gif | 1,000 | ELITE

It is going to take everyone some time before they reach the rank of ELITE.

Note: for those of you who came from the original old forum, your post counts would all have started from 0 again. If you would like your post counts from the old forum added to the post count on this forum please PM me and I will do this for you.

Additional Ranks: Once a lot of the regular members start to reach the rank of Elite we will then add a second tier of ranks to the system to continue the ranking system into a new set of ranks.

15th December 2006, 21:04
Rank related Questions answered.

I only hope this will not turn into a competition about who can get to the Elite Rank first, It's still foremost a forum, and not a "getting higher level or rank" game, like an RPG.Off-topic or mass posting that seems to have no other purpose other than to increasing postcounts is spamming and will be deleted.

For the site ranking. Are they the exact same as the combat ratings in Frontier?No they're not. You only need 1000 posts to be elite here, but in Frontier you need 6000(!) kills. Yes, it'll take a while to get there. The list in Frontier goes as follows:

0 | Harmless
4 |Mostly Harmless
8 | Poor
16 | Below Average
32 | Average
64 | Above Average
128 | Competent
1000 | Dangerous
3000 | Deadly
6000 | ELITE

29th December 2006, 08:41
Well, that gives me a decent start not to look so far behiend from everyone else. Last time i posted here i had 100 posts, and everyone else had 3000 or something crazy.

29th December 2006, 11:32
Nice to see you again Vangar. It is good to start again sometimes to give newer members a level start again. The old forum had been running for so long that high post counts were always going to be hard for newer members to match.

With the new forum, once members start to reach the 1000 post count I will introduce a second level of post count ranks that will start again with one pip and build up again. This way all members should aways be working towards another rank regardless of their post count.