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9th November 2008, 16:59
You can find a huge collection of Win32 (Windows) flawless remakes of old-school Amiga cracktros and intros.

Demon Cleaner
10th November 2008, 09:27
Welcome to our boards. You've a nice site there and already a big collection of cracktros/intros. How am I supposed to run the files?

10th November 2008, 12:32
You run them in Windows DC. They are Windows/PC remakes of old Amiga cracktros.

Quite cool. However I find another site, called flashtro (http://flashtro.intro-inferno.com/) more impressive as they have ported loads of old Amiga demos and cracktros into Flash, so they will run in any browser.

Demon Cleaner
11th November 2008, 06:16
But if I download them, they have no extension?

11th November 2008, 09:17
Strange. When I download them they are all zip files and extract to .exe files.

12th November 2008, 14:04
@Demon Cleaner: check your explorer settings, maybe your windows explorer does not display extensions. The remakes on Retro-Remakes.net are all Win32 executables. Basically the crack intros from the Amiga recoded from scratch.. you do not need an emulator to run them properly. Original graphics and music are used (music is replayed in real-time in the original format, not recomposed).

Demon Cleaner
12th November 2008, 14:07
It does actually display extensions, I always set it that way, otherwise you can't distinguish between different files. Will have to try to add an extension myself, whether .exe or .zip, as Harrison mentioned his dowloaded files are archives.

12th November 2008, 15:34
@Demon Cleaner: what browser are you using?

12th November 2008, 15:41

It is impressive that people are recoding these demos to run natively as Win32 executables. Can you tell me a bit more about the site and project?

How did the site originally come about? And how many people are working on these remakes? Are they all created from members of retro-remakes? Or are some of them created by others and just featured/hosted by the site?

Such projects always interest me, and a section of the new classicamiga wiki is being devoted to featuring such classicamiga community projects and I would like to feature your site as part of that section. And if possible include as much information on the page detailing how the project/site started and who is behind the actual site and the creation of the converted demos.

12th November 2008, 16:28
@Harrison: here is what Shockwave wrote as a description of how the project started:

This website came into being because Stormbringer made a remake of an Agile crack intro, this was for a competition on another website called dbfinteractive.com, there is a cool place called Flashtro.com where you can go to view excellent flash remakes of past cracktros which are great, but we quickly began to see the value of making stand alone exe versions as well.

These remakes are not meant to replace Flash intros, they never were, however because we have an exe format we are not limited to the capabilities of Flash which means that you can view them in higher resolution and with proper sound emulation. Flash is great to view the intros quickly so it's nice to have both we think.

After we had re-made a few intros, a forum was put in place as a temporary place holder for the remakes, and further along the line, as we approached the 100 remake mark we put this new portal in place because we felt that they deserved a good home and we really saw that there was a gap out there for a web site like this.

We require people to join because this way we can get feedback about the intros, hopefully create a community with some oldschool scene spirit and since registered members can comment, etc, our portal keeps track of what you view, download, comment and vote on so that we can keep accurate tallies of what's been downloaded and also so we can give you some useful info for example letting you know what you havent downloaded for your personal collection yet. It's all good and we hope that you'll enyoy the portal that we made for you. We do take the point that not everyone likes to register for loads of websites but then again, we understand fully that unless you require something of your users then what you do loses its value so there's no point in trying to get us to change our views on registration. If you want to take part, you need to register, if you don't want to register you are missing out on a great place.

Basically we are old sceners, we were part of some famous groups years (or shall I say decades) ago. Driven by nostalgia of the good old days of the Amiga and bored by the demos/intros released today, Shockwave proposed me to start this site. It's not a competitor or Flashtro.com per se.

Flashtro.com is a site dediated to remaking these little marvels in Flash. Since Flash is limited to "true" programming, the available flashtros are an overview (sometimes more than that) of the actual Amiga intro. For example in Flash, you cannot use the F keys (F1, F2, etc) the right mouse button, etc. These limitations decrease the value of the remake. We fully respect the work of musashi9 @ Flashtro.com but he cannot do better when the tool does not give him the possibilities.

At retro-remakes.net the goal is to remake ALL Amiga cracktros and demos. We have plans for C64 as well. That's roughly 20 years of work full-time. I do not know how we will manage to remake them all, but the small team remaking them is very active.

Basially 4 persons work on the remakes: Shockwave, Rbz, Hellsangel and me. I made about 130 out of 210 and the others remade the remaining ones. I wrote some generic routines to mimic the Amiga video capabilities and hacked a 68000 emulator (SC68) to replay the original music routines in order to remake 1:1 versions of the Amiga prods.

If you need more information, feel free to ask. Let me know how we can help...

You can reference Retro-Remakes.net anytime. Our goal is really to make a portal for Amiga fans and old-sceners as well as new sceners and show them what the greatest machine of all times was capable of

12th November 2008, 22:02
@Harrison: testing post again...I posted an answer 3 times, but it did not get published.. weird

Seems to work now... maybe my post was too large?? anyway...

Retro-remakes.net is a project started by Shockwave (sysop @ dbfinteractive.com). He wanted to have a site dedicated to Amiga intro remakes after I started to release them one after another..

So initially Shockwave put together a site and a forum where people could discuss the remakes, but from the beginning he had as sort of portal in mind. Shockwave, Rbz and Hellsangel (all old sceners) joined me and helped with new remakes.

During this summer, Shockwave and Tetra started to work on a portal from scratch. The goal was to have a better and more efficient gallery for the remakes and also to have a BBS-like system for people to post things.

The current version of the portal hosts more than 200 Win32 remakes of classic Amiga intros, more are released on an almost day by day basis.

12th November 2008, 22:05
They got caught by our moderation filter for some reason. It is only active for your first few posts in order to discourage spammers, sadly it sometimes stops legitimate first posts as well. I've approved it now, sorry for the inconvenience.

12th November 2008, 22:11
@Teho: thanks mateand sorry for reposting :D

13th November 2008, 00:03
Ah! I know Shockwave and dbfinteractive.com. He is a member at the OldSkoolUK forum I visit regularly, and one of his posts was originally why I visited retro remakes. :)

Thanks for the info. I will add your site to the Wiki once I get to that section of the site.

Oh and as Teho said, your posts got caught in our moderation queue. The site should have given a message thanking you for your post and that it would appear shortly. The site checks the first few posts of any new members for anything that might be spam. If URLs, email addresses and a few other things are included in the post it will send it to the moderation queue. Plus there is a series of keywords that are commonly used by spammers that if found also send the message to the moderation queue. It can be annoying when this happens to a real member, but it does solve a lot of previous spam issues too.

13th November 2008, 07:54
@Harrison: glad you know Shockwave, he is a really nice guy and always willing to help!

No worried about moderation, I got the message.... but it took hours before my message got posted and since my connection dropped at some point, I thouht it did not work so I posted several times.

Shockwave asked if we can have a link exchange with ClassicAmiga.com... would that be possible?

Demon Cleaner
13th November 2008, 10:56
I'm using Firefox (v2).

When I'm d/l f.ex. Nuclear Destroyer BBS Online, I get the file EP-BBS.EXE, which has an extension, but when I click Operation Thunderbolt ++++++++ I get the file Razor1911-TrOperationThunP9 with no extension.


But when I try to run EP-BBS.EXE it just opens a DOS window, then closes immediately, so nothing happens. Do I have to register to d/l content?

13th November 2008, 12:19
@Demon Cleaner: ok I understand your problem now! yes you have to

1) register to be able to download
2) then you SHOULD click on DOWNLOAD not "Original Link" which links to the original Amiga executable. The very reason of your problems is that you try to run Amiga executables on your PC...the ones you have tried would only work with a real Amiga or WinUAE..

I hope this helps..

13th November 2008, 13:32
Shockwave asked if we can have a link exchange with ClassicAmiga.com... would that be possible?

Sure thing. That would be great.

I will add retro-remakes to the "Friends of Classicamiga (http://forum.classicamiga.com/showthread.php?t=1620)" forum thread. And will add it to the main classicamiga.com links directory soon (that section is about to be redeveloped before I add any more to it).

Demon Cleaner
13th November 2008, 13:33
Ok, it works now. When running the remakes I get the one error message several times though, before the intro finally starts.


13th November 2008, 13:50
@Harrison: cool! great news! I'll let Shockwave manage that with you, he's the guys behing the website :)

@Demon Cleaner: good that it works now! but if you have a problem with a remake it would be good to post there (each Remake has its own thread and you can post your comments). It will avoid pollution here and also the persons behind the remakes usually check the comments on retro-remakes.net. You have more chances to get a bug fix there ;)

13th November 2008, 14:11
Hehe, I'm blushing a little here when I read the nice things that are written above.
The fact is that Stormbringer is totally dedicated and his remakes deserved a place of thier own.

Thank you Harrison for the link :)

I added you to retro-remakes links page and also on dbfinteractive too in the resource site.

13th November 2008, 14:30
Great thanks. :)

I will also add a link to dbfinteractive once I've rebuilt the main site's links directory.

4th November 2009, 10:11
hi to all...

I'm desperately looking for The Amazing Spiderman +2 trainer by Legend.

I'd like to remake the trainer menu for the retro-remakes.net collection.

Thanks for your help


4th November 2009, 11:47
Is that the Amiga version of "The Amazing Spiderman" you are looking for?

I don't have a trainer version by Legend, but I do have one that was cracked and contains a trainer from Scandalous. Let me know if you want a copy of that one and I can send it to you.

4th November 2009, 13:29
yes, that's the Amiga version of The Amazing Spiderman that I'm looking for. Send you version anyway.

The one with the trainer from Legend was on the crack by Classic.... almost impossible to find

4th November 2009, 13:44
Is this (http://www.planetemu.net/index.php?section=roms&dat=754&action=showrom&id=1062144)the one?

4th November 2009, 13:54
actually the one I'm looking for has this trainer menu in front:


I'd like to remake the trainer menu... I could probably get highly inspired by the flashtro version, but usually flashtro remakes cut down the intro (because not everything can be redone in flash due to some limitations).

I asked musashi9 about it, but that particular trainer menu is out of reach for the moment...

so here I am

BTW, if you know about another game that uses the same trainer menu, let me know

4th November 2009, 16:02
The one Buleste (http://forum.classicamiga.com/forum/member.php?u=133) linked to is the one I have, so that isn't any use then.

To see of any other Legend cracktros use the same intro, take a look here (http://kestra.exotica.org.uk/demos.php?where=group&query=Legend) or here (http://pouet.net/groups.php?which=1690). I did have a quick look through them but couldn't see a similar one.