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7th November 2008, 11:56
Hi all,

I saw a post on Amiga.org, and felt compelled to post a reply. Rather than repeat myself, here's a copy & paste of my post:

"Re: SAM 440 - What would owning one mean to you?

Nuffin :-P I prefer the original hardware. I have used WinUAE, but nothing gives me that nostalgic feeling like using a real Amiga. Even down to putting the floppy disk in, and hearing it load the game. I even find it soothing just to look at the Amiga. And let's not forget touching it! I was also tempted to buy a MiniMig, but it's too expensive for me, especially considering how crappy the Aussie dollar is at the moment :-(

Basically, when I fist used the Amiga, I was a teenager, without any responsibility, or a care in the world :-D So when I find the time to play a classic game, or watch a demo, or play with the hardware, it helps me to unwind and relax. I bet the designers never envisaged their creation(s) being used as therapy!

I also think that the Amiga was very well designed. How many 20+ year old computers are there, that can be hooked up to a modern PC? I was a very happy man when I discovered that I could use a null modem cable to transfer data to/from my PC and Amiga. It allowed me to play all those classic games that I missed out on! I know, that is the slowest method. I also have a CF to PC card adapter, and software from AmigaKit so that I can use my A600. And there are other methods...

But no, I'm not obsessed with Amigas, I just have a soft spot for them :-) It's also good to know that when I need it, my Amiga is always there, waiting for me..."

I suppose it's about nostalgia for me, not about power or performance, or the latest OS.

How do you feel about your Amiga? I'd love to hear what other people think about their Amiga(s), and what you do with it/them :-)