View Full Version : What is the Classicamiga Amiga Reference Library Archive?

5th November 2008, 22:27
The Amiga Reference Library Archive is a new idea I came up with recently whilst reading a post by the forum member Stephen Coates relating to Amiga books still listed as being available in public libraries.

It dawned on me that most reference books and manuals written about the Amiga are getting harder and harder to find. Most, if not all, are now out of print, so the only way to obtain any of them these days is in second hand shops, car boot sales and online sites like ebay.

I therefore had the idea to create an online resource that contained scanned copies of Amiga books in PDF format for the Amiga community to use.

The Classicamiga Amiga Reference Library Archive, or Amiga Reference Library for short, is the result of this idea. It will contain a directory/database of Amiga reference books in PDF format for anyone to download and use.

Stephen Coates
6th November 2008, 20:29
Not quite relavent here, but the Amiga is still mentioned in some computer books that are in print. Parrallel Port Complete by Jan Axelson mentions that Amiga in the definition of an IBM Compatible PC (i.e. IBM Compatible PC does not include Amiga Macintosh etc). I have also seen it mentioned in one or two other books.

7th November 2008, 00:38
I can imagine the Amiga will continue to be mentioned in passing in many new books because it did touch so many computer users during its lifetime. I doubt we will see any new publications devoted specifically to just the Amiga these days though. Except maybe something related to OS4 or a historic look at the demo or retro scene.