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3rd November 2008, 03:43
Could someone point me in the right direction as to which monitors will work on the amiga.
I do have a 1084s but is now too dark to view.
I have a list of moniters that sync down to 15.625KHz but the list is now so old I'd think it useless.
Hope there is something out there, though I do have a few A520's so can always use them.
all the best,

3rd November 2008, 08:23
It is now getting harder and harder to find a monitor that will work with the Amiga.

If you definitely want a monitor then sourcing a second hand Commodore or Philips one from ebay or AmiBay is probably your best bet. Alternatives could be to buy an Amiga RGB to scart lead to get a good picture on a TV, or an external scan doubler that can take an A600 or A1200's colour composite output and scan double it to allow viewing on a PC monitor. Or quite an expensive option of A1200 owners is the new internal scan doubler that allows all resolutions to work on any modern PC monitor, but these cost over 100.

5th November 2008, 12:40
The Microvitec 1438s was a 14 inch multisync monitor with built in speakers that works well with a A1200 as it can show all the higher screen resolutions that the 1200 can do but it would work well with any Miggy.

A version without the speakers and a 15 pin VGA connector the 1402 is still available form Microvetec here. (http://www.microvitec.co.uk/)

12th November 2008, 23:47
Thanks Buleste.
Have gotten on to a 1084S.
Have yet to secure a cable as my old one wont fit( needs a gender changer )
Also have been given a commodore 1701 monitor.
Haven't tried it yet looks as though it will use rca type video in.

I priced a internal scan doubler and it works out about $255 Australian dollors so thats out.
Dont know anything about external ones or prices but will chase them up as I'd like to one day use larger flat screen monitors (about 21") .
All the best,

13th November 2008, 00:31
For the external Up Scaling units have a look at another thread on the forum where we have previously discussed them.