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26th October 2008, 01:53
Where to start
Firstly to Harrison.
You got me thinking when you commented to take the 800mb ide harddrive from my 1200 and put it in the pc and access it through winUae. Here i was thinking transrom/ adf blitter , parnet type cable , if i can access the harddrive through emulator then "too easy", only problem is i fiddled with emulation about 2002 . My winuae versions are winuae 0.8.22 release 6 & winuae 0.8.25. the first one the one i use the most.
I gave all my amiga stuff away and threw away heaps of floppys early in 2008 (missis needs area and has a spring clean) . I had lost interest in most things computer and didnt think i would use the amiga stuff again. (Why would i need it i had the amiga on pc if i wanted to get nostalgic and play wclb golf or lemmings or what ever and the emulators i got are doing the job. Luck would have it though i gave it all to an uncle and he is the reason i've came to this site for help.
I've been ill with cancer the last 4 months and got rather bored sitting home tween treatments and a freind gave me an old pc he was throwing out.It had M.E. windoze
and that let me use music match 6 and access some amiga mods i'd recorded on it .Then out came the amiga emulators and the bug has bitten again.I was using this older pc when the uncle came to visit. He likes the idea of amiga on pc so now i'll be looking for one to buy for him and he's agreed to give me access to the 1200.
Really i'm an indiangiver and i want it back.
So that brings me to this, do i just use what emulators i have for him or would it be worth upgrading as i see there are others out there now.(WHEW!)
thanks for takin the time to read through this.
All the best

27th October 2008, 22:29
Definitely upgrade to the current WinUAE 1.5.2 release from www.winuae.net. I lot has changed compared to the new very old 0.8 version of WinUAE you have been using. You will be surprised how much it has developed.

And getting a real Amiga HD working with WinUAE is pretty easy. If it is a 3.5" HD then just set its jumper to the correct master/slave setting depending on how you are plugging it into the existing PC setup. Then book the PC, and check in the early boot sequence, or in the BIOS that the Amiga drive is detected (Windows won't normally show an Amiga formatted drive).

Once you have the HD hooked up to the PC, start WinUAE, go to the Harddrives section of the properties window and select "Add Hard Drive..." In the drop down list the Amiga formatted HD should be available. Select that and tick the Read/Write tick box if you wish to be able to alter files on the drive while accessing it. And finally click OK and the drive should be listed in the HD list. Your HD is then setup read for WinUAE to use.

Once that is done you can then set WInUAE up to the spec you wish and then can boot from the real Amiga HD in WinUAE.

Another good tip to backup the HD to your PC is to create a directory on the PC anywhere you like. Then in the same harddrive section select "Add Directory or Archive" and pick the directory you created. Now if you copy anything from your real Amiga HD into this directory HD you will then be able to later access these files from Windows. Pretty cool huh?

And if you need any ADFs to use with WinUAE I highly recommend you go to planetemu.net first, and if you still can't find something just ask in the file requests forum.

BTW, sorry to hear about your illness. I hope the treatment is going well and you are feeling OK. I wish you well in a quick recovery.

28th October 2008, 07:40
BTW, sorry to hear about your illness. I hope the treatment is going well and you are feeling OK. I wish you well in a quick recovery.

As Harrison said,
i wish you the best for you, and hope that everything is getting in ok. Good recovery.

28th October 2008, 10:01
If the cancer doesn't get you the insanity of certain people on this site (me included) will;). If you're looking for old PC's then try your local freecycle group as there is always people trying to get rid of their old kit on there. If you're very lucky you might find an Amiga on there but that's very rare these days. Best of luck with your emulation.

1st November 2008, 11:00
Thanks Harrison
Yes you've given me good advice and am looking forward to getting the hard drive into the pc but also want to keep the 1200 workable.
So i thought with so many hard drives around now a days i'll fit another one, install wb, and keep the amiga going.
Thank you for your kind thoughts about my health but should be better than ever soon.

Thanks to you also Tiago for your kind thoughts. All is good.

Thanks to you as well Buleste,
Your humor is appreciated but i am already loopy and want to stay that way for a while yet. If not just to annoy fellow amigans in my quest for .........? What was it we were here for again.
P.S Thanks to you as well for the welcome in the new members section. It was noted and appreciated just didnt get back to you.

All the best to you all

1st November 2008, 21:18
Sorry to hear about the illness. Had personal experience with cancer myself, so I can somewhat relate. I hope the treatments will work out well for you.

2nd November 2008, 08:47
Sorry to hear about your illness.
Fingers crossed and I hope all goes well with your treatments.