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22nd October 2008, 11:24
SWIV - Hiscore Competition

Finally we have our next hiscore competition.

This time we are playing the classic Amiga shoot 'em up SWIV. I don't think it needs any introductions. :)


The game is to be played in single player mode as the helicopter.


Mode: Play in 1 Player mode - as the Helicopter. No continues are allowed.

Good luck to everyone. Have fun!

Platform: A500 KS1.3
Emulation: WinUAE standard A500 KS1.3 512K Chip, 512K slow
Controls: Joystick or keyboard.

Length of Competition: End of next month (ends Friday 28th November)
Competition Rules: Obtain the highest score using game mode stated above.

The competition is as always, get the hiscore and take a screenshot of the hiscore. Then upload your screenshot as either a forum profile image album and link to the image in this thread to prove your score. Or you can also attach your screenshots directly into your posts if you prefer.

Points to be won:

1st Place: | 5000 points
2nd Place: | 2000 points
3rd Place: | 500 points

Remember that whilst only the first three places get points and a trophy, the first 10 members scores all receive competition points that get added to the overall hiscore competition leaderboard. So even if you are not getting the highest score, it is still worth posting your best as you could still knock some members down the leaderboard and promote yourself up. Game Files: The ADF for SWIV can be found in the Private Downloads forum here (http://forum.classicamiga.com/showthread.php?t=2891). Let me know if you need the password to access that area of the forum. You can also download the WHDLoad version from here (http://www.whdownload.com/games.php?name=s&sort=0&dir=0).

22nd October 2008, 11:28
SWIV Leaderboard:

Rank | Member | Score
1st| -|-
2nd| -|-
3rd| - |-
4th| - |-
5th| - |-
The leaderboard will be updated daily to keep track of where members are currently positioned in the competition.

Graham Humphrey
22nd October 2008, 12:15
Fantastic, I love this. We played it in the EAB/Lemon Super League earlier this year (currently playing X-Out if anyone is interested, with Battle Squadron and Banshee being played for the next round starting on Sunday (sorry for the blatant plug)) so it's great I get another crack at it :)

EDIT: In fact here's the link to the SWIV compo on EAB (http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=35636) and Lemon (http://www.lemonamiga.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4985) if anyone is interested in what scores were achieved.

Demon Cleaner
22nd October 2008, 17:24
Your first download link took me to the Twintris adf, I fixed it now ;)

SWIV is great but it's also a tough one. Have to get some practice again, so this is a good opportunity.

24th October 2008, 09:34
Pfft, look at those low scores!

You'll have to go back a bit further and look at the winner of the LA Games Compo #3 to see a REALLY GOOD SCORE (http://www.lemonamiga.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1291&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=68). :)

24th October 2008, 10:30
Glad to see you dropped the Hugh Grant avatar;).

24th October 2008, 13:47
Glad to see you dropped the Hugh Grant avatar;).

The who did the what now?

9th December 2008, 14:54
Has anyone managed to play SWIV yet to post some high scores?

24th December 2008, 12:20
Maybe the deadline could be extended?
With it being the yuletide season, presumably people will have more time to give it a go.

1st July 2009, 20:13
Is the competition still open?

1st July 2009, 23:58
Yes. Not received a single high score yet. :(

Might try to restart it tomorrow and see if anyone is interested in taking part now.