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21st October 2008, 23:02
I bought "Secret files - Tunguska" aventure game from my local store for 20 euros, and i am enjoying it a lot. Great game. Remember when we talk about the adventure games being logical? This one is oneofthe most logical games i ever played, everying you do has logic, not like that ones harrison talked about like where you have to click everything to combine every thing, and try all combinations of actions. No, not in this game, so far, everything was very logical, some things a bit hard, but ok.

It is really a good adventure game, graphics are ok, not the best ones, but very nice, the story is quite good, so everyone ofyou that like adventure games should try this one.

21st October 2008, 23:28
Hmm... I somehow missed this one when it was released. I looked it up and it came out in 2006. The graphics looks quite good from the screenshots too. Will add this to my list of games to get. :)

And it looks like a sequel, called Secret Files 2 - Puritas Cordis, has also now been made.


Demon Cleaner
22nd October 2008, 00:28
Does indeed look good, didn't know that one yet.

22nd October 2008, 12:32
Never saw the sequel, but it looks like good.

The game is quite good, i will not say that is excellent, but it is very very nice, and for 19,99 euros i think is good buy. :)