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19th October 2008, 17:46
Hi guys,

I'm looking to buy the following games for Nintendo 64:

- Bust-A-Move (All versions) (Got it)
- Donkey Kong 64
- Doom 64
- Mario Tennis
- Mickey's Speedway USA
- Perfect Dark
- Star Fox 64
- The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Got it)
- Worms Armageddon (Got it)

I'm also open for offers concerning other games.

The games must be in playable shape. It does not matter whether it comes with box and manuals or not. The games must be suitable for the European region.

If you have one or more of these games and are willing to either sell or exchange them for other items, please send me a PM or post in this thread, and hopefully we can work something out.

I'm located in Norway, but will happily buy from abroad. :)

19th October 2008, 19:18
The most expensive of those games will be Perfect Dark, Star Fox and Zelda:OOT. They usually get about 10.00 depending on the condition. Don't bother with Doom 64 as it sucks.

20th October 2008, 12:37
I have donkey kong 64 but never got into it, I just didn't really like it. Only bought it becuase the shop was out of standalone memory expansions and i really wanted to play the Majora's Mask which I'd been given for Christmas.

I'm willing to sell or swap it. I also have Zelda OoT and Perfect Dark but you would have to prise them out of my cold, dead hands before I would let them go.

I'd also recommend looking for Blast Corps and WaveRace 64. They were very good.

Demon Cleaner
20th October 2008, 15:54
I have some N64 sports games, will have a look if there's any you want, but I doubt.