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18th October 2008, 13:59
I install the classicwb for winuae,all went find, irename the kick, just like instructions, and i am able to play lots of games, but one or another, like monkey island 2 for exemple, dont work, gives me the error:

(object not found)
on reading "devs:kickstarts/kick34005.a500" ???

i am sure i am using the kick 3.1 and a1200 config, it work fine in most games.

Bloodwych, do you have any ideia what could be the problem?

18th October 2008, 14:04
You're using a WHDLoad version and you still need some of the ROMS to be placed in Devs:Kickstart on your workbench hdf else WHDLoad will not work properly.

18th October 2008, 14:07
i will try to rename the kick to kick34005.a500
startrek also need a rename kick...
i will try

18th October 2008, 14:27
You don't need to rename any of your Winuae kicks. You need to copy your kickstarts onto the workbench hdf in a new drawer called kickstarts and then rename them.

Follow the WHDLoad instructions for requirements. It's here (http://www.whdload.de/docs/en/need.html) for the english version or here (http://www.whdload.de/docs/es/need.html) for the Spanish version (There's not Portuguese version so i couldn't do that one).

Some of the older WHDLoad installs don't require a kickstart image but in order to increase the compatability of the games a kickstart image allows older games to be run on newer machines (and emulators).

When you are running Winuae in ClassicWB can you access the folder with the kickstart images in? If so copy them over to the ClassicWB system .hdf if not create a new Hard drive partition by selecting "Add directory or archive",then "Select Directory" (Create a Folder called Work in you WinUAE folder) and then copy your kickstart images to there and then run WinUAE and copy them from the Work folder to your System .hdf.

18th October 2008, 14:29
Thanks Buleste

18th October 2008, 14:45
Thank god for that. I didn't think I was putting myself across very well and if you've sorted it the great.