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16th October 2008, 14:52
I've just received this email from Kermit Woodall. I don't know when the Nova Design site was hacked but here's the latest news.

For those who didn't know, Nova's site got hacked by some idiots and this
time our hosting provider (iPower) not only didn't catch it and block it
(bad), but they couldn't tell me how they hacked it (worse) and had lost our
backup (worst).

So I'm rebuilding the site using a Google Blogger engine as I've enjoyed
working with those recently. It means a number of nice upgrades for the site
though! We can have our demo reel as an embedded video, slideshows of images
created with our products, and more.

Advance news - if you want YOUR images in our slideshow just get a
Flickr.com account and add your images there with the keywords "imagefx" or
"cinematte" depending on the product your image uses. Our slideshows will
pick up on them automatically!

I hope to have the new site up and running fully by the end of the week -
but you can watch it grow now.

Kermit Woodall
Nova Design

The Nova Design site can be found here. (http://www.novadesign.com/)

22nd October 2008, 19:02
This is the latest news from Kermit

A few weeks ago the Nova site was hacked and hacked good. Our
previously peerless hosting service seemed to have downsized it's
trained personnel and as a result they had no idea how the hack
happened and had los't all backups. (thanks iPower!)

So I redesigned the site and moved it and I like the result. Hope you
guys like it too!

BTW, we've permanently lowered prices on our software (ImageFX
for the Amiga and Cinematte for Mac/Win) and would be pleased
to have some sales. Hint! :)

Let me know if you hit any roadbumps our new offramp from the
information highway.