View Full Version : Amigaventure

11th October 2008, 13:10
I found this site http://amigaventure.free.fr/main.htm today. It's a French Amiga Adventure game site. It has some downloads and also I think at least one Amiga game we don't have on the main site (The Short Grey). It has to be said my French is less than rusty as I dropped it at the earliest moment but it looks a good page. It's not been updated for a few years but still looks like it could have some interesting stuff on.

Demon Cleaner
20th October 2008, 16:51
Never heard of that game, but it looks good. Also got a great review at their site, they also mention that the game is very hard. Will have to check it out.

burns flipper
20th October 2008, 19:16
Quest for the Time-Bird? Never heard of it, looks intriguing...