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25th September 2008, 02:42
I loved this game when it originally came out. I have run into a snag installing it. When I click "install", it goes to a screen that tells me, "There is not enough memory on this drive. You need 7 megs." None of my virtual hard drives is even 7 megs when empty. What do I have to do? Can I make my hard drives bigger? There is like 9 disks, and would hate to play this off floppy. :no:

25th September 2008, 09:03
Either make a larger Hardfile harddrive or create a new directory and add it to the Amiga emulator as a harddrive. That way you have an unlimited sized HD (well it is limited by the size of physical HD in the PC obviously).

25th September 2008, 13:56
I can just make a new directory on my actual C: drive, and then can put that into the Winuae emulator? Did not know that. How would I make a larger hardfile harddrive?

EDIT: I tried to do as you suggested, but could not figure out how to do this. If I try to add a hard drive, it just lists my DVD rom drives. I could not figure out how to make a larger hard file. :(

25th September 2008, 14:28
OK, load up WinUAE and go to the Hard drives section. At the bottom there are three buttons. "Add Directory or Archive", "Add Hardfile", and "Add Hard Drive"

A quick run though of these three options is as follows:

Add Harddrive = adding a real Amiga formatted HD to WinUAE. This is very useful for connected an HD out of a real Amiga, or setting one up before putting it back into an Amiga.

Add Hardfile = Add an existing virtual HD, or Hardfile, to WinUAE. You can use this button to make a new bigger HD to use. To do this click the button and a Hardfile Settings window will appear. To create a new hardfile, at the bottom of the window is a section called "New hard disk image file". Just type in how big in MB you would like this virtual HD to be, leave the other settings as they are, and click the Create button. It will ask you for a name and location to save the hardfile. And then you will have your ne virtual HD.

Add Directories or Archive = Finally this option allows you to add a zip/rar/lha file or a directory on your PC HD as a hardfile. This option is very useful as you don't have to worry about the size of the virtual HD. I tend to use this option as it then allows you to also access the files from Windows. To create a new virtual HD this way, just create a new directory somewhere on your PC HD. Then click the Add Directory button. In the window give the HD a name in the Volume Label. This can be anything you like. Next click the Select Directory button and fine the new directory you created. Finally click OK and you will have the directory on your PC HD set up as a virtual HD for WinUAE to use.

I hope that all made sense. If you still get stuck please ask.

29th September 2008, 04:47
Well, apparently I am stupid. I tried the "Add Hard File" option first. I did as you say, made the Virtual HD 500 MB, but when I load up Workbench, it says it has no volume label and it is a NoDos disk. I can't even format it, which is what I thought the problem was.

I then tried the "Add Directories or Archives" option. It worked, but in Workbench, it still says it only has 5 MB, and 3 are left. When I tried to install Legend, it still said, "not enough memory, need 7 MBs". What am I doing wrong?

29th September 2008, 13:47
Once you have made the hard file it will appear as an NDOS disk in workbench. You will then need to format it by booting into workbench from an adf and then formatting the hardfile.

I'm not sure why you are getting such a small size when added a directory as a harddrive. When you create directory is the read/write option box ticked? What version of WinUAE are you using? If it isn't the latest one then make sure you update to the newest one before trying again.

29th September 2008, 16:55
I am using 1.5.2 version of Winuae. That is the latest version as far as I know. I will try it again. This is what I did: I created a directory on my C: drive, named AmigaHD (Actually I just created a new folder, I assume this is the same thing). I then selected "Add Directory or Archive" option. For volume label, I just named it the same, AmigaHD. The read/write was checked. Bootable was checked. I then directed it towards my new Folder. I clicked ok.

EDIT: I just retried the "Add Hardfile" option. I really didn't realize this was going to be so hard (no pun intended). I was able to create the file, with the MBs set to 150 MB. Now, however, when I go to install Workbench 3.1, it says "there is a DOS error: Can't create or copy file and/or drawer. File is already in use." I don't get it. Is there something specific I'm supposed to name my hard drive? What is happenning here?

29th September 2008, 19:24
Whew! Ok. I am truly sorry for all this. Very frustrating. I figured out the installation of Workbench. One of the HD has to be named System. I now have 3 Virtual HDs, with 150MB each. I also got Legend of Kyrandia to install. However, now when I start Kyrandia, I keep getting software errors. I tried emulating Amiga 500, Amiga 500+, Amiga 1200. I tried Full ECS, ECS Denise, ECS Angus and AGA. Software errors on all of them. Oh well, thank you for the helpful info. I did get my bigger HDs set up, and the other games run fine. Thanks again.

29th September 2008, 19:37
Try this (http://www.whdownload.com/games/Pack-L-2007-01-30/LegendOfKyrandia_v1.1_1575.zip) full WHDload version (All you have to do is unzip it onto your harddrive (making sure you have WHDLoad installed of course)).