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22nd September 2008, 16:31
This summer i finnish Half Life 2 and episode 1 and episode 2.
and this week i after getting the new RAM for my laptop, i tested with half live 2, and i saw in Steam that there was a demo available for download of "Lost Coast".

Did you try it?
It is a small demo that you finnish in 10/15 minutes. Really cool.
- General graphics did improve a bit.
- The reflections on water are just superb, you can grab objects with your gravity gun and throu then into water where they will go floating around, if you throu a box it will first go underwater and then emerg, really great. If you move the boats they will bounce in a really perfect way.

I was really impressed with it. try it:thumbs:

I was able to play at 1024*768 with full graphics in my 1700mhz 2GB ram and ATI X700.

23rd September 2008, 08:35
Yep. I played the short Lost Coast episode right after playing the original HL2 on release. The graphics do look great and it was really a technical demo to show the new HDR lighting effect available to new graphics cards at the time. The HDR effects definitely improved the visuals, and like you said the water physics are cool too, although those are present in the full game too.

Quite shocking to see that the Lost Coast was released 3 years ago now! :o