View Full Version : Man we spend too much!

9th September 2008, 19:01
I mean, Amigas! I have spent nigh on 300 this last week on amiga stuff! heres some of what ive just brought

1200 Tower with 1d1 mobo ezkey and at power/floppy 72
Indivision FF 110
Mouse 10
Right angle pcmica 22
Easynet 10
Buffered IDE interface 12
Fusion 4
Lyra 1200 keyboard interface 12
WHDLoads 15

And a host of other minor amiga things including a signed copy of "On the Edge"

man we are a breed! to spend 's on this machine!

10th September 2008, 11:12
That just goes to show how the Amiga just continues to be enjoyed. Yes you could buy quite a good PC for that money, but it wouldn't be the same, and in another 16 years (A1200 was released in 1992) I bet some A1200's will still be used, whereas I can't imagine that many 16 year old PCs are still in use today.

10th September 2008, 11:15
Madness is very expensive but should be savoured and rejoiced.

Stephen Coates
10th September 2008, 11:53
Nothing wrong with that. I believe some people spend the same on modern PCs which probably won't be used to the same extent as the Amiga.

11th September 2008, 18:49
I don't think there's anything wrong with spending cash on a hobby. People in general do that all the time. The Amiga is a great hobby that can be fun, creative, challenging and rewarding. While others might enjoy collecting old records or comics, fixing up cars from decades ago, or fill the shelves with porcelain, we get a kick out of modding an Amiga 600, playing old games, programming and so on. :)

11th September 2008, 18:59
Madness is very expensive but should be savoured and rejoiced.

No it's not... I can be bought for a pound!

11th September 2008, 21:17
Damn. I was overcharged!!!!