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Demon Cleaner
9th September 2008, 15:33
And yet another gadget, the pong watch.


Screw Movado and forget about Rolex, John Maushammer has created the greatest watch in the history of the world. As you can tell from the picture above, the watch has the interface of the classic game, ‘Pong.’

No you can’t play it, but that’s what we kinda like about. Instead of playing the game, the ball moves and scores depending on the time. When every minute goes by, the left side will score a point. And when the hour passes, the right side gets a point. The ‘gameplay’ is the time.

9th September 2008, 15:41
That is really cool.

9th September 2008, 18:58
Very nice indeed.

Reminds me of the Nintendo Game and Watch devices, does anyone remember those?

Demon Cleaner
9th September 2008, 22:37
I still have some Game & Watch, the nicest being Donkey Kong Hockey.


14th September 2008, 10:55
I still have one of those Nintendo handhelds ... great fun was had! :thumbs: