View Full Version : Turrican Remake

6th September 2008, 14:47
For all you fans of Turrican (and i know that there are a lot of you) there is a remake of Turrican natily called Hurrican (no you don't go to New Orleans)./ For those interested go here. (http://www.hurrican-game.de/)

6th September 2008, 17:59
That looks great! Downloading it now. :)

6th September 2008, 18:09
For those who love Turrican on the C64 why not try Turrican 3 from here. (http://www.smash-designs.de/c64demo.html)

6th September 2008, 19:35
Kind of old news for me, the same goes for that Ultima 5 remake.
I thought all of you knew about them, that is why I didn't bother mentioning them here.

8th September 2008, 15:24

Many of us don't get the time these days to visit loads of websites and discover many of these remakes. So it is great to post about them when you discover them as we are all very interested.