View Full Version : amigakit down??

2nd September 2008, 16:21
Just tried to go on Amigakit and i started getting a 503 Error - Service unavailable. Hopefully this is a temporary thing (I'm waiting for crystals) as it would be sad to see them go.

Having just posted this i tried again and it's up and running again. It was down for half an hour honest. Somebody must have put the Murry Walker curse on me.

2nd September 2008, 19:17
lol, yea I emailed them this am, said it be back up by 2pm. ;)

17th September 2008, 10:17
It looks like Amigakit is down again.

I heard they have Blizzard 1230 MKIV accelerators in stock! And was trying to take a look before posting the news on CA for you all to get excited about.

17th September 2008, 10:20
If they have any it'll be one and something they picked up off ebay but will have gone through checks to make sure it's working alright.

17th September 2008, 10:31
Yes, they are refurbished, so are second hand. However they are boxed as new and covered by a 6 month warranty. Something that could be worthwhile as buying a 1230 from ebay carries no such guarantees that the accelerator will even work!