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23rd August 2008, 16:09
What is your favourite game(s) on the Nintendo 64?

Here's two of my all-time favourites:

- Mario Kart 64 (Excellent multiplayer action and gameplay.)

- Mario Tennis (Cool game in multiplayer mode.)

23rd August 2008, 16:31
Pokemon Snap and No Mercy. Mainly because these were the only two games I played on the 64 for any real length of time.

23rd August 2008, 16:38
Rogue Leader, Golden Eye, Perfect Dark, Zelda, SW Episode one Pod Racer and one i can't remember the name of but you played a character who was cursed and you switched between the real world and a voodoo world.

25th August 2008, 17:38
Zelda Ocarina of Time, Mario 64 and Goldeneye are three of my most favourite games of all time.

I spent a lot of time on Perfect Dark, Majora's Mask and Mario Kart 64.

Mortal Kombat 4 was OK-ish, some of the WCW/nWo games were a lot of fun too. Blast Corps was really good, brightly coloured and full of destruction. Wave Race was ace, it just felt so right.

All in all the N64 probably represents the peak of my enjoyment of gaming. 4 players! On the same screen, easily! When you're 17-18 and coming back from the bar/bunking off school with mates it really was a good time.

one i can't remember the name of but you played a character who was cursed and you switched between the real world and a voodoo world.


25th August 2008, 19:21

Thats the jobby!!! i thought it was somethingman just couldn't remember the something.

9th September 2008, 09:10
Ah, I had Shadownman on the Dreamcast. Quite a cool game, but I never completed it.

As for N64 games, most people seem to think back about the N64 and on the whole consider it to be a failed platform with hardly any decent games. While it didn't see the huge and varied range of releases that the original Playstation enjoyed it did still have quite a few great games. Especially the first party Nintendo releases, as is always the case with all Nintendo consoles.

For me some of my favourites are:

Super Mario 64 - The first truly 3D platform game, and still one of the best.
Wave Race 64 - This was great fun and quite revolutionary at the time. The Gamecube sequel is better, but this was the original and great at the time.
Mario Golf and Mario Tennis - These two Mario games are brilliant. Easy to play and great fun.
The Legend of Zelda - I loved these 2 N64 games. I enjoyed Majora's Mask the most out of the two games, but they were both equally good.
Goldeneye - This was a brilliant game, and is still very enjoyable. It was the first FPS to really show the world how they should be made, and as many others have said, it still hasn't really been bettered.
Perfect Dark - This was the first game to truly show what difference the 4MB ram expansion could make. Switching the game between the two modes gave you a huge improvement in the texture mapping and lighting. The game was also really good.
Paper Mario - A great RPG adventure game that no Mario fan should miss
Yoshi's Story - This was a great sequel to the SNES game and returned to the great 2D platformers Nintendo have always been so good at creating.
Lylat Wars (StarFox 64) - The CD32 game Guardian tried to copy this game, but the N64 version was a much better game due to the story and progression. It was a great sequel to the SNES original Starwing.
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire - Being a SW fan I loved this game. The different levels set in the SW universe of the original trilogy was brilliant at the time, and only succeeded by the Rogue Squadron sequels on the Gamecube. The later PC release of this game added improved graphics and voice acting, but it was the N64 version I played and completed before the PC version was even released.
Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer - This captured the speed and thrill of the best part from this film. The Dreamcast version would later be a better game, but the N64 version was first and at the time was great fun.
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron - I'm still not sure if I preferred the PC or N64 version of this game. The PC version did have higher resolution graphics.
1080 Snowboarding - The first proper 3D snowboarding game. This got me interested in this sub genre of game, which made me go on to buy others such as Amped and SSX.
Extreme-G - This was a cool futuristic bike game. Later sequels were seen on the PS2 with XG3 and another I forget the name of. For me this was more fun than F-Zero X. I just used to find F-Zero a bit boring compared to this. It can't quite match the speed and thrill of SW: EP1 Racer though.
Mario Party - This were great multiplayer games. Had loads of fun with these.
Pilot Wings 64 - I really enjoyed the SNES original and the N64 version was just as good.
Conker's Bad Fur Day - I loved this 3D platform game. Like an adult version of Banjo Kazooie with some good adult humour, swearing and fun gameplay.
Banjo Kazooie - Another really good 3D platformer. The sequel Banjo Tooie was OK but not quite as good.


For me Mario Kart 64 was a huge disappointment. The great gameplay and controls of the SNES original were gone and the tracks were way too wide and forgiving. It completely lost the appeal and playability of the original.

Being a big fan of the Ridge Racer games I tried Ridge Racer 64, but was really disappointed. The car handling was wrong and the graphics didn't look nice. A blurred mess compared to the PSX release.

Turok. This game was extremely hyped on the N64, but when I eventually got to play it I couldn't quite work out what all the fuss was about. For me it was quite boring, as were the sequels. Probably OK at the time of release, but not anything amazing. So many bette FPS games out there.

Many later N64 games were ports of PSX games and on the whole were quite disappointing. Also the N64 never saw a truly great beat 'em up.

There are more I could mention but I think that is the main ones I really liked on the N64.

Graham Humphrey
9th September 2008, 16:08
Blast Corps!

'Nuff said.

16th September 2008, 08:40
Yeah I remember Blast Corps!

I'd love to see a sequel to that one day.

Zelda Ocarina of Time
Mario Kart
San Francisco Rush
Multi Racing Championship
Duke Nukem 64 (much more playable than the Saturn/PS1 version)

16th September 2008, 15:01
No Body Harvest?

16th September 2008, 15:46
I have Body Harvest 64 and although it was quite interesting and contains quite an open game world, with loads of different vehicles to take control of, I never really got into the game. I never actually bought it though, it came with a load of other N64 games from ebay in a big bundle I bought years ago.