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23rd August 2008, 08:35
Just read about a new web browser concept:


I really like the idea, and since widgets on the desktop are nothing new, I'm surprised it's taken so long for someone to get a browser like this on our desktops.

24th August 2008, 13:53
looks very interesting :)

8th September 2008, 16:28
Does look very interesting. The internet has remained pretty much locked into the browser window ever since it was invented. Even with innovations and the improvement in interactivity and application usage within websites, they are all still trapped in a single way of being displayed.

Releasing them from this and allowing them to be manipulated and used in a more free flowing open environment is a great idea. However this has many dangers. For example new users could easily be very lost and not sure what to do. Something I witnessed at the weekend when some people were trying to view a photo album on an iPhone. The image switching mechanism looks cool in action, but so many people find working it too hard.