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25th January 2007, 02:38
Is anyone a fan of horror films or have u watched any of the 2nd series of Masters of Horror?

If yes and no respectively i can heartely reccomend checking them out they are hour long movies made for tv by good horror directors (Tobe Hooper,John Carpenter etc) ive seen the whole first series and just watched the first 5 of the second series which is shaping up to be better than the first (although Takashi Miike the god of horror isnt doing one this time round:thumbsdown2: ) you can find the torrents easy enough and are well worth getting hold of if your a fan, just watched John Carpenters Pro Life episode which was awesome set in an abortion clinic a mans daughter goes in against his wishes and he kicks off tryin to get her out but her pregnancy isnt all it seems to be . Its pretty sick in parts (not for me because im so desensitised to violence lol) but the direction is excellent and the actors although mainly unrecognisable or unknown are good (George Wendt is in the second one Family:thumbs: ). The majority of them are worth watching although they arent everyones cup o cha most people would probably enjoy sitting through them as long as they arent my g/freind who thinks im sick:lol:

Demon Cleaner
25th January 2007, 07:26
I love Horror movies (as LowecaseE does too), and I know the Masters of Horror series, haven't seen them yet though. Will check out for a torrent then.

I'm a big fan of asian horror as well, and have about more than 50 asian horror movies (originals), which I buy at different specialized shops around the world. Takashi Miike is one weird guy indeed, and some of his movies are great. Wasn't the part Imprint not in a Masters of Horror series??

Some good asian horror sites are:

Kyonsi (http://www.kyonsi.com/news.htm)
Snowblood Apple (http://www.mandiapple.com/snowblood/index2.htm)
MidnightEye (http://www.midnighteye.com/reviews/index.shtml)

I also found a site with 8 horror films called "8 films to die for" (http://www.horrorfestonline.com/), they were shown from november 17-19th, of course not here. I've only seen 2 of them so far, Reincarnation (Rinne), this is an asian one, and Gravedancers, which is not bad.

Thanks for the info, will definitely trying to get the torrent file this afternoon. Or if you still have it, can you attach it, perhaps not here, but in The Vault (http://forum.classicamiga.com/forumdisplay.php?f=51) section?

25th January 2007, 11:10
I love horror films too. Not watched many recently though. Just downloaded Saw 3 but not watched it yet. I did catch some of the first series of Masters of Horror though and the few I saw were worth watching for sure. I will try and catch some of the second series.

25th January 2007, 12:20
Wasn't the part Imprint not in a Masters of Horror series??

It was indeed it was the last one in the first series and was not shown on tv for quite some time if ever so im led to believe but it was pretty disgusting as im sure u can imagine. I love Takashi Miike films Audition is probably my favourite horror film i told my g/friend it was some romance thing and she believed it for a while:lol:

I did catch some of the first series of Masters of Horror though and the few I saw were worth watching for sure

Did you catch the very first one i thought that one was pretty awesome (incident on and off a mountain road) also Homecoming i thought was a good one although i did enjoy them all. Some of them are just plain weird though.

25th January 2007, 13:24
I never really got into the Masters of Horror series. I've seen a few of them and they were ok (I really liked Argento's Jenifer though) but not good enough to keep me coming back. I'm more of a fan of older (mostly late 50s through late 80s, ESPECIALLY Euro-cult stuff) horror though so I tend to tune out most new things unless they're REALLY good (ie. THE DESCENT, HAUTE TENSION, LAND OF THE DEAD, CALVAIRE, and one or 2 others).

As for the whole "sick" thing, I've got that from PLENTY of people in my life over the years. I've learned to expect it whenever I lend stuff like CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, MEN BEHIND THE SUN, GUINEA PIG: FLOWER OF FLESH AND BLOOD, etc. out to unsuspecting friends. :lol:

25th January 2007, 15:06
Ive gotta say i wasnt that impressed with land of the dead it was a bit of a dissapointment, especially as i went to the flicks to see it, it was very Romero but i really thought it could have been better.

Oh and Demon Cleaner i cant access the Vault dude lol

25th January 2007, 15:09
It was the same for me. An OK zombie film, but far from what could have been.

Demon Cleaner
25th January 2007, 15:15
LOTD was a good popcorn movie with a lot of laughs, almost like the Scary Movie's. The Descent is indeed a good movie, more claustrophobic than horror, i liked it very much.

As for asian films to watch, there are many. Takashi Miike is indeed a weirdo, and some of his films are just crazy, thinking of Gozu or Visitor Q.

25th January 2007, 15:21
Are we talking The Descent as in the British one, if so that was an awesome film i thought really cool and a bit scary in a wtf is gonna happen next way lol plus the ending was freaky weird too :thumbs:

Oh and Gozu frickin crazy as hell lmao really cool though

Just set 3 of the 8 films to die for torrent d/load hood of horrors, dark side, the gravedancers will report back when ive seen them.

Demon Cleaner
25th January 2007, 15:22
The one where the 5 or 6 chicks climb down into a cave to explore it, and later, when they are lost, they face little white... do not want to spoil ;)

25th January 2007, 15:39
I hated The Descent. Thought it was really boring. It got a little bit more interesting once they got into trouble, but it took over half the film before anything happened.

25th January 2007, 15:59
I agree that LAND OF THE DEAD could've been better but with Romero having to work under the pressure of a major studio (something he does not like to do) AND the MPAA, I think it still turned out pretty well. Personally, I would've liked the film to be about 30-45 minutes longer and explore the characters more, but what are you gonna do?

25th January 2007, 17:40
I hated The Descent. Thought it was really boring. It got a little bit more interesting once they got into trouble, but it took over half the film before anything happened.

? hated what 5 hot chicks gettin slaughtered in caves lol its called storybuilding man and it showed that there were problems within the group before they even went underground. But hey its down to personal choice i guess, i wouldnt suggest you ever watch Audition then its 50% romantic flick then 50% the most skin crawling gross s**t you ever saw.

And Romero only got himself to blame for working with big studios.

if anyone wants a specific episode of masters of horror give me a shout and ill upload it for you to megaupload or sumat they are all in .avi format

Demon Cleaner
9th February 2007, 21:12
I have now the first collection with 13 movies. Don't know when I'm getting to watch them, I have so many still to watch. But I'm looking forward to watch Imprint. What others can you recommend from this collection, and which are a time waste?

9th February 2007, 22:20
Incident on and off a Mountain Road is a good one, Imprint also is great, cigarette burns is good in a disgusting way (blood and guts :thumbs: ) Homecoming has a great storyline and message and Haeckels Tale i enjoyed as well.

There the ones that stick out in my mind most, but i think if your a horror fan all are worth watching, some are a bit B-Movie in there story lines but i watch them all i have the whole second series havent watched them all yet though but i can recommend The Damned Thing and Family in that series.

25th February 2007, 19:02
So i watched Snoop Doggs Hood of Horrors it was pretty good 3 short films 1 of which was really enjoyable, havent got round to watching the rest yet though i might watch gravedancers tonight.

@Demon Cleaner
Have you got round to watching any of the MOH series yet, if so what did you think?

Demon Cleaner
25th February 2007, 22:59
@Demon Cleaner
Have you got round to watching any of the MOH series yet, if so what did you think?Nope, I still have so many films and anime to watch, didn't have time to watch it yet.

Demon Cleaner
2nd March 2007, 01:00
I just watched Imprint. And again Miike managed to produce a very weird movie. The sister in the head is really damn weird stuff. But I kinda like Billy Drago with his mean face, he always gets such roles.

14th March 2007, 23:36
LOL you finally watched it yeah incredibly weird film no doubt, i just watched one of the 8 films to die for, Gravedancers i wasnt overly impressed but it was ok i also saw severance the other day with british cinema's rent a thug Danny Dyer in it, i really enjoyed it thought it was pretty well done, very dark humour but i like that.

Demon Cleaner
15th March 2007, 00:13
I watched Gravedancers and lately Dark Ride (also of the 8 films to die for), which is very bad, instead of Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees or Freddy Krueger, they now have another guy with a straitjacket and another mask. They go to a fair at night, where there's a ghost train called Dark Ride, and there were some murders in the past, that's because they closed it down. The murderer (straitjacket man) lived there (yes, in the dark ride), and then he was taken to... yes, a psychiatric ward, he evades, and returns there. When the kiddies break in at night, of course he's there and another series of murder begin. So pretty the same old story.

Gravedancers was Ok, at least better than Dark Ride, but nothing special too.