View Full Version : TomyTronic 3D Sky Attack . . .

11th August 2008, 17:18
Hello there,
I was given this one, not-working but just needed a wire soldering back on to the batteries . . .

I have posted what info I have on my website . . . pictures are coming soon!


does anybody have any more info on the hardware? The game is superb and plays really well!! The 3D effect is fantastic!


11th August 2008, 21:34
I remember those games. They were the 3D binocular style games, right?

Space Laser War was a direct rip off of the Star Wars trench shooting scene and I used to play that a lot on a friends one.

Wasn't Sky Attack the Space Invaders like one with you controlling a tank and the ships flying towards you looking very much like the ones from Tron?

Not sure what the hardware was in these games. If I find out I will let you know.