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11th August 2008, 16:17
A new project started in the UK recently by Andy Spencer is to try and open a retro computer museum that will feature working examples of computers and consoles throughout the history of gaming.

So far he has managed to start collecting together quite a few working systems ready for the museum. And the next stage is to hold an open day to see how popular this idea is with the general public.

I've posted an article on the main site for more details, which you can see by going to http://www.classicamiga.com/content/view/4936/63/

If you can get to this open day I think you will be helping Andy out greatly with support for this idea.

He already has a website up and running at http://www.retrocomputermuseum.co.uk

11th August 2008, 18:16
That sounds great! I'd definitely go and see it if it was somewhat near me. :)

12th August 2008, 11:23
I'd go as well, but it's a bit too far unfortunately.

Best of luck to Andy and his project! :)

12th August 2008, 14:17
Thanks for the encouragment guys! Means a lot! Pity you are a little too far away!

Regards and appreciation

Demon Cleaner
18th August 2008, 10:45
The site is looking very nice, continue your work :thumbs:

6th September 2008, 17:03
Hello again,
Just to let you all know that tickets are now available for our Open Day on the 16th November 2008.
You can get them here . . .


Hope to see some of you there!


ps Thank you DemonCleaner for the kind words about the site - that means a lot!

5th March 2009, 11:52
Hello again! Just a little bump for RCM.

After the success of our last event we are now holding another one! It is on Sunday May 31st from 10.30 onwards.

You can see our invite video here . . .

and our PC executable invite here . . .

Both of the above tell you quite a bit of information! For anything further, please either PM me or contact me via our website

Hope to see some of you there!

5th March 2009, 12:06
I'm attending the open days (I think I posted a topic about this quite some time ago) and I'm an avid supporter of Andy's efforts.

We're all a friendly bunch, and I'd advise anyone who's up for it, to come along to one (or even both) of the open days.

5th March 2009, 12:33
Great video showing the last event. You have managed to collect a great range of systems together from the images and video. And I'm glad that so far the events have been a success.

Sadly it is a bit too far for me to travel to for the next event, but you have classicamiga's on going support, with any announcements or adverts you would like to place in the new section of classicamiga being most welcome.

5th March 2009, 22:06
That's cool! Good work! Pity I'm in Aus!

5th March 2009, 22:17
Nice, I might come along, have to see if my father in law fancies a nice day trip out, but I don't think its too far away (well it would be for me because I don't drive hence the day trip). Looks like a good event though.