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23rd January 2007, 11:55
Wasn't quite sure where to put this as it covers the whole gamut of games but I thought here would be good. Very good read!


Best part of the article:

At the same time, there's more than one way for the world of Castlevania to thrive. No I'm not talking about the upcoming Castlevania movie which will most likely show us new ways to suck - Paul WS Anderson, you're fixing to make the list along with Michel "I'm ruining Transformers" Bay -, and I'm not talking about a revival of the original Captain N television show (with Simon Belmont as a member of the supporting cast), I'm referring to a trip down memory lane. If gamers want Symphony of the Night, why not give it to them? If the DS titles continue to sell well as they build off the original side-scrolling spectacle on Playstation, just make another. The gaming community may not be biting on "Castlevania 3D", but it sure as hell is eating up the original.