View Full Version : Today I Met a Great Amiga Legend!

18th July 2008, 13:16
Today I met a one Mr Ray Burt-Frost! :) I had to help one of the TV guys today with his tv. I saw the name and wondered if it was hime, then saw the address and it was! :D

Now for those not in the know, this man is one of the brains behind the biggest Amiga Piece of music software in history!


We were having a great chat about the Amiga and stuff and how CBM screwed it all up and they lost out when they went bust.

He now works on the pc version coding the midi side of this, as he had a brain tumor and cannot see in one eye and needs to be on medication.

He was the nicest bloke I have met in ages!

18th July 2008, 14:09
Strange how quite so many 'super stars' of the Amiga age have disappeared from the stage once it was over.

18th July 2008, 18:11
Always great to meet someone you realise was once quite famous in an area you are interested in. Sad to hear about his brain tumour. Is he doing OK now?

@Ghost As with most industries, when the Amiga market declined many involved moved off in different directions and got jobs in completely unrelated areas. Look at the old boss of Commodore UK. He is now helping people emigrate to Australia!

12th August 2008, 15:34
Wow! I can't believe you met him, Octamed has to be one of the best bits of software ever! I had so much fun using it (and still do!!!).