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16th July 2008, 16:12
I just came across a freeware game called Widelands. It is heavily based on The Settlers and looks interesting.


It looks like a lot of development and on going support is active in its development and community. Graphically however it doesn't look as pretty to me. This is probably because it isn't using the sprite style of the original Settlers games, and has instead opted for a full 3D and slightly ugly game engine.

Demon Cleaner
16th July 2008, 16:40
I get this message using your link. When I copy the URL it works.

http/1.1 403 Forbidden

16th July 2008, 16:59
That's very odd. It is doing the same for me when I click it. No idea why.

burns flipper
18th July 2008, 06:47
The site doesn't like the fact you've followed a link. If you paste it into your browser it works fine.

I've seen this site before but haven't got the game - the land looks too 'constructed' from tiles. It's open source, so if they could get a budding artist on board they could quite easily really improve the graphics and get a lot more support.

18th July 2008, 09:38
Yes, that is exactly what initially put me off the idea. It looks like graphics from Sim City 2000. To utility and no style or design. Still, as an open source project it is worth keeping an eye on.