View Full Version : Rick Dangeros with cheats

15th July 2008, 16:59
I found this online and you can also play with cheats.



15th July 2008, 23:35
We already have the game in our forum arcade. You can play it here (http://forum.classicamiga.com/arcade.php?do=play&gameid=20).

21st July 2008, 21:41
Heh. I remember the game being utterly frustrating, and the CA arcade version brought back all the bad memories. I died 2 times in the first screen alone!

Graham Humphrey
21st July 2008, 22:42
Still mystifies me why this game was ever popular in the first place, do people really find memory tests and trial and error enjoyable?

22nd July 2008, 09:03
Games that require memorising level layout and the timing of enemies and events can definitely be frustrating. However if you do work your way through and learn the levels of any game like this, then when you do eventually manage to get right through a level it is a great feeling of achievement.