View Full Version : Complete NES console in NES module

Demon Cleaner
11th July 2008, 05:33
Last time I posted a picture of a NES console in a NES module, this time a guy just built the complete NES console into a NES module including a screen, the joypad and 99 games. How crazy is that?


11th July 2008, 08:56
Not crazy but cool man, though he seems to have forgotten the Start and Select buttons.

Demon Cleaner
11th July 2008, 09:21
Perhaps they're on the sides? Or is this a fake?

11th July 2008, 12:23
Hmm... it is possible. However I want to see videos of this running. A static images these days proves nothing. ;)

12th July 2008, 12:18
That looks awesome and completely cool. Even if it is a fake, it's a great idea.

The buttons and +pad look a bit odd to me though.... something diesn't quite seem right. Like H said, a video would be ace.

burns flipper
14th July 2008, 19:46
Those buttons don't look very neat. The whole thing looks like it's made of cake.