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9th July 2008, 14:48
Heres (http://recordedamigagames.ath.cx/modules/news2/) the website for all those recorded walkthroughs you've ever wanted (I'm getting the credits for Elvira off the end of the game video for it (does this constitute as plagarising other sites?)).

9th July 2008, 16:45
Watching a video of the complete game is a great way to get credits from the end if that is the only place they are listed. I hadn't thought of doing that. It is a brilliant idea. :thumbs:

I already link to many of the videos from recordedamigagames that they have on youtube in the classicamiga game pages, and give credit to them under each video.

9th July 2008, 16:55
I skipped through to the end as i figured if the credits aren't at the start thats where they'd be. Maybe we should approach them to make sure we get the new videos early.

9th July 2008, 17:34
Yes. I thought that too. I have contacted them in the past and they were fine abut us linking to their videos from youtube. I will ask them about updates for new videos. Although I am subscribed to their youtube channel which does notify me of new content.

They now have over 400 Amiga game longplay videos on there so there are still loads to link to.