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22nd January 2007, 13:09
I am a subscriber to this great magazine, and issue 53 (on sale sometime this week in newsagents, I usually receive it in the post a few days before it hits the newsagents) features 29 pages of glorious Amiga goodness in the retro section of the mag, including an overview of the A500, top ten Amiga games, screenshots of classic titles, in depth feature on the classic "Putty" game, interview with Amiga legends Martyn Brown (Team 17), Manfred Trenz (Turrican), Mike Dailly (Lemmings, DMA) and more......

Amiga shareware, the making of Worms interview, and an Amiga collector from Denmark shows his prized CD32 collection...and finally an interview with Eric Chahi (the man behind the classic game Another World).

Great buy for 4 (normally anyway...but I am a biased subscriber, even better buy with 29 pages of miggy stuff)

Magazine also available in Borders and/or Barnes and Noble for a ridiculously inflated price to american contingents on here in a few weeks.......

Just look out for the Games TM cover "Metroid Prime 20th Anniversary"

And no, i am not affiliated with Games TM in any way! :unsure:

22nd January 2007, 13:58
Games TM is a great magazine, but for some reason I've always subscribed to Edge instead. Not sure why considering Games TM has the retro section and Edge doesn't. I've just always bought Edge since the first few issues many years ago and like their reviews as they are never afraid to give a hyped game a low score. They do feature retro games each month too though.

But I do still buy the odd issue of Games TM and will definitely be getting this one. Cheers for the heads up :thumbs:

22nd January 2007, 17:54
Thanks for the tip about that magazine, Cicobuff. I'm going to visit Borders this weekend and make a purchase. Nice to have something enjoyable to read. Looking forward to read about that Dane with the CD32 collection.

Demon Cleaner
22nd January 2007, 18:02
Of course we don't get the magazine here, but I'm already pretty pleased with the retrogamer mag.

22nd January 2007, 18:19
Just checked my previous issue to see the official release date for this issue, and issue 53 hits the shelves on 25th January, as I say I usually get them a few days early being a subscriber...so look out for it thursday/friday this week in your newsagents.

I have always liked Games TM mainly for the editorial, having a retro section and the fact that unlike a lot of magazines out there it has very few advertisements to bulk it out, there is a lot of read for your 4 for sure with it (less than 3 an issue subscribing.) Just like Edge magazine it is a more mature read with no gimmicky free gifts to entice a buy, yet never really sells as well as Edge magazine..its future is assured though with a buy out a year ago by Imagine Publishing that also resurrected the magazine "Retro".

22nd January 2007, 18:43
There was an Amiga piece in GamesTM a year or so ago as well. I'll have to scan that one in and put it online if anyone's interested.

23rd January 2007, 12:38
That would be cool if you could. I might have bought that issue due to the Amiga content, as I usually do get any that have some, but just in case I didn't it would be cool to have the scans of the article.

26th January 2007, 14:55
Title:Hardware Legend: Amiga 500 Feature from GamesTM Issue 35
Format: .pdf
File Size:5.6MB
Download Link:http://www.filefactory.com/file/ead00c/

Sorry, I couldn't find a better place to host the file.

30th January 2007, 20:02
Okay, I finally got round to buying this issue:

A little bit dissapointed that both the Amiga 500 article (except for the Why I Love the A500 paragraph) and Putty articles are identical to those that were in Issue 35. The rest of it's pretty good though, especially the Worms article.