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3rd July 2008, 10:46
Can you D/L from this site and do they have serials for some games on here? (http://toseciso.org/)

3rd July 2008, 12:20
Nice find. This site could be useful to double check our Retro CD collections. No actual ISO downloads though, just the cue sheets. However that is in itself very useful as often the actual game images you find are missing them and you need to the cue sheets to write the CDs with their audio tracks correctly.

3rd July 2008, 12:44
I must admit i'm interested in some of the coverdisks. I have most of the AF CD's and all bar 1 (CUCD4) of the CUCD's so i might even contribute to the site with some ISO's and scans. I still wish i could get a serial for Freespace though. I've played the demo and it's great (On WinUAE) but i'd love to play the full version.