View Full Version : Current Helcopter Flight Sims?

25th June 2008, 15:46
What are the most recent Helicopter Flight Sims in the PC (and any consoles for that matter)?

Looking at the recently added Gunship 2000 screenshots on the site I now have an urge to see what the most recent helicopter sims are like.

And also are there any recent arcade shooter style helicopter games? Like Desert Strike.

25th June 2008, 16:19
Just had a quick browse around and Commanche 4 looks good (A bit old as its 2002 but still>). For a Strike looking game try Enemy Engaged 2 here. (http://www.eech2.com/index2.html)

If you try Gunship2000 try the AGA version as it's easier to use than the CD32 game. Howwever there is a bug that hits during later group mission where you can't hit anything although your group can so just order them to attack.

25th June 2008, 16:45
I played both the AGA and CD32 versions of Gunship 2000 back at the time and really enjoyed them. I've still got the original of the CD32 version. I preferred the AGA version because when installed to HD it was faster loading, but also with a faster CPU the 3D engine was much smoother. The save game functionality was better too.

BTW, if mentioned it before on the forum, but did you know that a friend of mine created the artwork for the game? He still has the original artbrush artwork and has promised he will get it drum scanned for us soon.

I'm sure I have Commanche 4. Will have to have a dig about in my collection. I'm sure I got it bundled with some hardware a long time ago. Cheers for that recommendation.

I don't think I've tried Enemy Engaged 2. Will take a look at that later tonight.