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burns flipper
24th June 2008, 09:56
So...I've plugged my old Amiga harddisk into my PC and copied the partitions over, stored as folders on my D: drive.

I've installed WinUAE 1.5.0 final.

I've created a config that matched my Amiga hardware.

I boot up the emulator, get into Workbench (with all the correct backdrop, icons etc).

An 'IDEFix97 evaluation' window pops up - which is odd, as I had the full registered version installed on my Ami hard disk. Up then pops a reminder window to pay the IDEFix97 fee.

Before I can click anything, the screen starts flashing two shades of black (interesting, eh?).

I figure since it's an emulator, I don't need to have IDEFix97 running, so I comment "C:IDEFix97" out of the startup-sequence. Now if I boot it up, it seems to get partway through the startup-sequence but doesn't complete as the black screen remains.

Any thoughts? And do I need IDEFix97 installed and running? How do I uninstall it?

24th June 2008, 10:31
You need to run the IDEFix installer again from Workbench and it has an uninstall option. You definitely don't need it installed to use the HD setup via emulation. However in the advanced chipset section of the WinUAE properties it now had the option to emulator A600/A1200 IDE or A4000 IDE. Try ticking that and seeing what happens.

burns flipper
24th June 2008, 11:00
Magic, I got rid of the black flashing by using the uaegfx monitor.

What about IDEFix97?

Sorry, bit of delay in posting there.

I ran the installer, expert mode but there was no uninstall option.

Still, not to worry, think I have it sussed now ;)

Thanks for the help.