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10th June 2008, 15:53
Managed to stumble across this (http://www.myamiga.co.uk/) site. Uses a little too much pastel colours for my liking but has a huga amount of tips and cheats for Amiga games.

10th June 2008, 16:01
Very pale design. Definitely needs something bold to make it stand out a bit.

I had a quick look at the content and it all seems to be from the LSD doc disks.

10th June 2008, 16:08
I don't have any of the LSD disks so i didn't know that one. The Frontier tip is one i didn't know about though and it's not even cheating (apart from the mining laser and Phobos bit).

10th June 2008, 16:31
I've got all of the LSD doc disks, and all of the other series of doc disks lines up to add to the site as soon as I get the time. Most of the text based games manuals are from them, as are the cheats/tips already on the site.

They were a great resource back in the day, and a great source of content for the site.

burns flipper
11th June 2008, 08:00
I found this site last month, they have the walkthroughs for the 'Relics od Deldroneye' series. I think I linked to it from those pages on the main site.