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9th June 2008, 21:14
Has anyone else come across this game yet? It's currently in development and due for release later this year.

Looking through screenshots it is looking really good, and if anyone was a fan of the Dungeon Siege games (as I was) then they should like this as it is kind of the same style of game, but in space. It is also published by Microsoft and developed by Gas Powered Games, so the same group of people are behind the game.

Check out the first video previews on gamespot here (http://uk.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/spacesiege/media.html?tag=tabs;videos).

Demon Cleaner
10th June 2008, 09:00
Sounds interesting, have to check this at home. I think that the Dungeon Siege games were/are great games, and just imagine the whole universe in a space like setting, that definitely changes a bit from orcs and likewise. I want to see futuristic aliens and humans with sophisticated gear. And again I mention Mass Effect :whistle:

EDIT: Just had a look at the trailer and they also have some previews now with Chris Taylor at YouTube, great stuff to come.