View Full Version : Phishing Attacks

7th June 2008, 19:08
Don't know whats going on but in the past 2 days i've had 4 attempts at phishing for NatWest bank. I know it's phishing as i don't own a Natwest account. So beware.

7th June 2008, 22:19
Meh, I almost have it daily, banks, credit cards, Paypal, I eliminate them as I see them.

What I find annoying is all those damn webcam people that keep appearing on my Messenger.

Stephen Coates
8th June 2008, 00:54
It is usually obvious whether something is phishing or not. It often doesn't even need much thinking about. It is just obvious.

Would people trust these more if they were letters sent in the post? I just thought that I get tons of spam etc, but all the letters I get from banks etc are (or should be) genuine. As things like bank statements and other corrispondance are sent in the post, it would usually be impossible for them to suddenly start emailing you, but if the phiers sent you a letter saying the NatWest needs to confirm that the bank details you have are the same as theirs... :ninja:

8th June 2008, 20:49
I have noticed a big increase recently in the amount of phising mail getting through the various spam filters that are in place. Mind you the amount that gets caught in the spam filter has also increased, so I guess %-wise it's probably catching about the same.

9th June 2008, 20:53
I've had the Natwest ones, and Royal Bank of Scotland ones nearly every day for a long time.

Outlook 2003's built in spam filtering wasn't catching them, but I downloaded a spam filter update the other week and it now catches them all, plus nearly everything else I was getting in the inbox. Very impressed.

I could set my email server's spam filter to catch more, but then I find it starts to also catch some emails I want so I leave that on default settings and it catches most of the spam, and then the local Outlook scanner catches the rest.

Stephen Coates
10th June 2008, 11:39
I use Gmails built in spam filter, and I have done for about 4 years now. I find it very good. It was only when I first used it that it filtered a few genuine emails. Hasn't done since as far as I can tell.