View Full Version : What the hell is going on with Firefox??

6th June 2008, 21:22
I opened it up this morning and that stupid bar at the bottom is massive! What the hell? And why isn't my vertigo add on working? (makes tabs go vertically down the screen...)

6th June 2008, 21:50
This morning Firefox did the same thing for me. But, this afternoon it worked OK. I disabled all my addons, I'll also look into the issue.

6th June 2008, 23:09
Submeg, it is the last "Better Gmail 2" addon. Disable it and you wont have the issue. I will post the problem to the "Better Gmail 2" thread on Lifehacker.

7th June 2008, 03:27
Well I dont have that add on...it's worked itself out now!! Weird!