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5th June 2008, 23:49
A couple of days ago I have watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and to be honest I was a bit disappointed with it, so I have been going through my Indiana Jones games again (not really playing them, just have a look again).

Way back when it was announced there would be a new Indiana Jones game after the legendary Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis called Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (I did not know about the canceled Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix and Indiana Jones and the Spear of Destiny), I was really hoping for a new mouse driven adventure.

Much to my disappointment I later learned that it was more a game similar to Tomb Raider which main character tried to usurper the position of archaeologist-action adventurer from the man with the hat.
Still Hal Barwood, the man who also designed Fate of Atlantis was working on Infernal Machine so there was some hope.

Despite it being a complete different genre game I still enjoyed Infernal Machine.
Are there other people who also liked playing it here on the forum?

6th June 2008, 01:11
Yeah, I have it for the original Xbox and really enjoyed playing it. I'm a big fan of the original Tomb Raider so was happy with it being a similar style. I also like the Prince of Persia games so I was bound to enjoy it.

Still, none of them are as good as the first Tomb Raider game in my view. I was hooked on that and played it every night until I eventually completed it.

burns flipper
6th June 2008, 20:53
I played it to the end, and I'm ususally a strict point'n'click man. I really enjoyed it. Apart from the bit where you finally get to lift the bell in the Tibetan Monastery and what's underneath? A freak dwarf monk. Had he been waiting under there for me for the last 400 years or what??

6th June 2008, 23:37
Monk during all that time "He'll be coming now, I just know it, any minute now he will lift this bell from me."

7th June 2008, 13:58
He only said that the once, he spent the rest of the time listening to the echo.