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Demon Cleaner
19th May 2008, 13:58
Nice site to listen to various game music, at the moment 129 soundtracks are available, and still more to come. This is not only 1 song of that game, but the whole soundtrack, which is great. The one for Mass Effect is truly great.


19th May 2008, 15:05
Nice Find!

Initially it doesn't sound like there is that much on there with only 129 to select from, but as you say, when you realise each is a full soundtrack for each game it is already quite a huge collection to listen to.

I've currently got the Baldur's Gate II soundtrack playing in the background. :)

Demon Cleaner
19th May 2008, 16:07
I'm currently listening to FF12, long time no hear :) The soundtrack of Mass Effect is very good, I'm currently playing the game. Give it a try (the music, not the game, as you're not next gen yet,tss tss...).

19th May 2008, 16:11
Is there a classic games jukebox? I hate to sound like Steve but most of those games are a bit to recent for me.

19th May 2008, 16:13
http://www.plopbox.net/ That will sort you out with a lot of retro tunes.

19th May 2008, 16:17
Thats better. Bubble Bobble.

22nd May 2008, 18:48
Would also recommend the Nectarine Demoscene Internet Radio. Here they play music from old games, remakes of them, and of course Demoscene music. :) The link is here (http://www.scenemusic.eu/). I've listened a lot to the music from this site at work. :) Plopbox is also a good recommendation, like Harrison wrote.