View Full Version : Just won an Amstrad GX4000 console

Demon Cleaner
18th December 2006, 14:19
Definitely a console worth owning, the console itself was a complete disaster for the time when it came out, but as it's very rare, I don't own one yet, and it's looking just awsome, I got one from eBay.


18th December 2006, 15:26

Wasn't the GX4000 the console version of the relaunched Amstrad CPC Plus range? I remember it wasn't too popular at the time due to not many games for the system ever being released on cartridge. And I seem to remember the computer versions of the plus range also contained the cartidge slot.

20th December 2006, 22:48
Nice score! I've made it a habit to collect old school sytsems too. I've got most of the 8 and 16 bit consoles, my 2 Duos (one new in box) are my prizes!

29th December 2006, 20:06
Burning Rubber! Top game! :D I swear my cousin had one of these!

Demon Cleaner
3rd January 2007, 20:31
Got my GX4000 today, came in mint condition, in original package with 3 games, Pong, Burning Rubber and another one. Unfortunately I can't test it, it came with the typical UK PSU.

3rd January 2007, 23:31
Oh, that is a shame. Can't you get a univeral power adapter that would work with it?

I did that for the CD64 when I got one. That's the CD based unit that connects to the bottom of the N64 so you can run roms on the console. The CD64 came with a PSU that had a US style plug, but the PSU said it was 110/230 volts compatible so I assumed it would work fine in the UK with a socket adapter. But on trying the CD64 wouldn't work properly. The CD tray wouldn't always eject and it had trouble reading discs. I thought the unit was faulty, but I then thought I would try a UK universal power supply instead as it had the same DC voltage available and the CD64 then worked perfectly.