View Full Version : Help on Game names for 68x 40/60

13th May 2008, 13:21
Hi everyone,

Which games are available for non-standard amiga? I would like to try some games for 68x class 40 or 60. that i could never run in standard A500/600/1200.

Many demos that i never run in the classic machines i am able to run them through AmigaSys4 for Winuae. Can i also run games (40/60) also in AmigaSys4?

Are they in ADF? Or other file format?

13th May 2008, 13:42
You can run games in ADF format, and also use WHDLoad to set the games up installed on the emulated HD. The best option to simplify this is to use KillaGorilla's WHDLoad game packs found at his site here (http://guildserver.co.uk/kgwhd/).

As for the games that will work with faster CPUs such as 040 and 060, a lot of AGA releases will take advantage of faster processors, especially games that used 3D such as Fears, Gloom, Alienbreed3D etc... and many others such as SimCity 2000, Civilization, and even games like Elite 2: Frontier which really takes advantage of faster processors to give much smoother graphics.

13th May 2008, 16:49
But there are games specialy design for 040/060 or not?

13th May 2008, 16:51
A couple of recent games have stated an 060 as a minimum requirement but this is rare. Most games will run on lower processors, just slower. Some Demo Productions have also been released with a high CPU requirement too so you could give those a test.

Regarding emulation. You might struggle to run 060 speed in games but it will depend on the PC being used and the emulation settings.

Do a general search on classicamiga for the processor type and you will get lots of results to try. For example try http://www.classicamiga.com/index.php?searchword=060&option=com_search&Itemid=5

13th May 2008, 16:59
I was able to run demos for 040/060. Some of them from "Black Lotus" with sizes higher then 5 mbs, i thing those do not run on 020... (?)