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Demon Cleaner
23rd April 2008, 16:18
Some fans of Zak McKracken now released a sequel after 7 years called Zak McKracken between time and space, and it's completely free. You can find donwloads at the main page --> http://www.zak2.org/

23rd April 2008, 16:22
Cool. Will download this asap. :)

Just checked and it is a 1.86GB download. :o I think a torrent download would therefore be the best way to download. I just did a search and it is on piratebay.

I think everyone should download this one quickly because I'm betting that once the copyright owner, Lucasfilm, sees this they are going to be causing some trouble due to their intellectual property being used. They are the worst for this, attacking even retro Amiga sites for having downloads of some of their oldest titles on them.

Demon Cleaner
23rd April 2008, 16:28
Be sure to grab the english version, for me it doesn't matter.

23rd April 2008, 16:38
Good point. And I have a problem. I just looked though the available download links on the official site and they are all pointing to German sites. Would all of these therefore be just the German version of the game? If so where is the English version?

Demon Cleaner
23rd April 2008, 17:21
I don't know, perhaps you'll get an english version via bit torrent. I now have the german one, I don't even search for the other one, as most sites are websensed.

23rd April 2008, 17:27
Well, I'm downloading a torrent of it now so I will see once that is complete. Hopefully it will contain the English version. Otherwise I will need to start hunting for it.

UPDATE: I just did some searching on a couple of Adventure games dedicated site's forums and the members are saying the current release is German only, with the development team currently working on an English translation.

So it looks like I have two options. Quickly learn German! Or... wait. :(

Demon Cleaner
23rd April 2008, 17:50
Yep, I just had a look at the guys/gals who are involved, and they all seem to be german, so they released it in german first. Seems you have to wait like you did for the latest Simon game, but then again, play that one first!!

23rd April 2008, 22:17
At least that is true. I have the STS4 game to play while I wait. :)