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23rd April 2008, 13:16
Twintris - Hiscore Competition

Finally we have our next hiscore competition.

This time we are playing the Tetris based game Twintris. Some love the game, others hate it. You can't please everyone all of the time. ;)


The game is really designed for two player action, with the lines gained by one player impacting on the other, but as this is a hiscore competition we will be playing it in single player mode.

The settings for the competition are as shown in the following screenshot of the game menu:


Mode: 1/2 Player Arcade and Normal difficulty.

Good luck to everyone. I hope at least some of you have fun playing this version of Tetris.

Platform: A500 WS1.3
Emulation: WinUAE standard A500 KS1.3 512K Chip, 512K slow
Controls: Joystick or keyboard. Use mouse to navigate and select menu items. In WinUAE if using joystick emulation I found you needed to use cursor keys and right shift to navigate and select menu options.

Length of Competition: 2 months (ends Friday 27th June)
Competition Rules: Obtain the highest score using game mode stated above.

The competition is as always, get the hiscore and take a screenshot of the hiscore. Then upload your screenshot to the members gallery on the main site and then link to the image in this thread to prove your score. Or you can also attach your screenshots directly into your posts if you prefer.

Points to be won:

1st Place: | 5000 points
2nd Place: | 2000 points
3rd Place: | 500 points
Game Files: The ADF for Twintris can be found in the Private Downloads forum here (http://forum.classicamiga.com/showthread.php?p=23060#post23060). Let me know if you need the password to access that area of the forum.

23rd April 2008, 13:18
Twintris Leaderboard:

Rank | Member | Score
1st| Teho|2530
2nd| Demon Cleaner|2271
3rd| Submeg |1861
4th| Harrison |1380
5th| Buleste |790
The leaderboard will be updated daily to keep track of where members are currently positioned in the competition.

23rd April 2008, 13:29
I got 790 odd. I'll upload the picture soon.

Demon Cleaner
23rd April 2008, 14:42
My first try:


1544 points

23rd April 2008, 14:49

23rd April 2008, 16:04
2530. :shades:

23rd April 2008, 16:07
I knew i was going to be bad at this but now i'm just going to give up.

Graham Humphrey
23rd April 2008, 18:33
That's the spirit ;)

23rd April 2008, 18:54
If at first you don't suceed, Give UP!

23rd April 2008, 22:11
FIRST TIME playing this game...ever. Woot. The game is a biatch if you accidently stuff up!



23rd April 2008, 23:56
Best I've managed so far is 1380 points.

24th April 2008, 09:44
So. This competition has gone on for long enough now. Whats the nest one??;)

24th April 2008, 12:54

Demon Cleaner
24th April 2008, 13:26
2271 but I'll stop now. Tetris is making me totally nervous, and I think this one is the best I can get anyway.


24th April 2008, 13:34
The difficulty level in Twintris is definitely much higher than any other Tetris game I've played before. The speed increases at a much faster rate than any other meaning you have to make sure you have your blocks setup exactly right. Get a couple of blocks in the wrong place and its a nightmare. That and the fact it doesn't seem to distribute blocks very evenly, with you wishing for a specific one for ages and then suddenly getting 4 of them in a row.

One good thing is that the scores are kept relatively low. Some Tetris games quickly clock into the millions, so it keeps it all much closer, which is perfect for a competition. ;)

29th April 2008, 22:22

6th June 2008, 09:23

Getting closer!!

6th June 2008, 12:57
I think due to a lack of enthusiasm regarding this competition I will be closing it at the beginning of next week, and then launching the next competition. So this weekend will be the final chance you all have to get those final scores in, so hurry!

20th October 2008, 23:19
I'm finally closing this long running competition, with the final standings as follows:

Rank | Member | Score
1st| Teho|2530
2nd| Demon Cleaner|2271
3rd| Submeg |1861
4th| Harrison |1380
5th| Buleste |790
Therefore the winner is Teho! Congratulations! :thumbs:

Awards and points will be finding there way into your accounts shortly. :)And the next hiscore competition will be launched very shortly too... ;)