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burns flipper
23rd April 2008, 12:27
Imagine...imagine, if you will, a time of fun and plenty, when summer days were long and the holidays even longer.

It was a sunny day and I was sat in the front room playing Squigs (http://www.classicamiga.com/content/view/4233/96/) off a coverdisk with my friend. In walks my sister, her best friend, and her best friend's boyfriend. He looked at the TV, and said "I wrote that". I looked at him, and he said "Look, that's my name on the credits. And Amanda's initials are in the hiscore list".

Amazingly, it was all true. And if you check the info page, "Amanda B", playtester, was actually my sister's best friend.

23rd April 2008, 12:48
That is quite cool :)

23rd April 2008, 14:59
Jon Hibbins? He must have visited Classicamiga at some point, as the screenshot he uploaded to Wikipedia looks like this:


Apparently there was another (non-coverdisk) version with music included. Can't find it in the TOSEC, I wonder if this still exists somewhere.

23rd April 2008, 16:00
I remember discovering that some time ago. Quite cool to see some of our screenshots used by the original author. :)

It is however a shame that he just saved the thumbnail images instead of the full sized ones for the Wiki entry. Obviously didn't know how to get around the lightbox popup window. ;)

28th April 2008, 21:49
As we mentioned before, I really enjoyed the 'rescue' or 'help' mode (http://www.forum.classicamiga.com/showthread.php?t=771&highlight=squigs).

I can still hear the sound effects too (may have been samples from elsewhere, sure I have heard them before).

28th April 2008, 23:36
Well found JT. I couldn't remember if we had discovered it on here or the old forum. Just goes to show how short our memories are becoming now we are getting old! :lol: