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6th April 2008, 04:47
I followed the tutorial completly. I have everything setup, Amiga starts fine. Got the game to load, I tested this using Cybernetix, that I downloaded from here. Get to the load screen, and there is no way to select anything. Mouse dosen't work, enter button, arrow keys, etc. How do I navigate the game menu to play or to read the readme?

7th April 2008, 12:32
Hi Brintinacx.

In Winuae you can emulate a joystick using some of the keyboard keys. By default Winuae has these set to the keyboards keyboad, using 8,4,6,2 for directions and 5 for fire. You can change this in the WinUAE settings. I generally prefer the Keyboard Layout 2 settings which allows you to use the keyboard cursor keys for direction and the right ctrl key for fire.

To change these load WinUAE and then go into the Game & I/O ports page under the Host section. At the bottom you will see a section for Port 1:. This is the joystick port on the Amiga. Select the layout you prefer from the drop down list. You can also select a real joystick if you have any connected to your system

Hope that helps.