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16th January 2007, 22:36
Hey does anyone remember the series The Trapdoor?

It was on the ABC down here in Aus, it was about a blue guy (burke) who was a servant to the thing upstairs. An absolutely awesome show! Trying to get it on DVD, but so far have only been able to see it advertised on Amazon.com. Can't find a distributer in Australia yet...

16th January 2007, 22:43
Yep, I remember that, the clay/plasticine animation was quite cool.

Demon Cleaner
16th January 2007, 22:45
Never heard of that, what it about?

16th January 2007, 23:20
The Trapdoor was a great series. Really funny.

It's a childrens TV series. Each episode is quite short and tells a little story. The program uses stop frame animation using clay/plasticine. It's about a blue guy called Burke who is the servant to "The Master" who you never see. You just hear his booming voice when he wants something done. It's called Trapdoor because there is this trapdoor in the floor and it contains a lot of things that should never be let out.

Here is the intro:

And here is an episode to give you a better idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCVQNxEcrao

Demon Cleaner
16th January 2007, 23:24
:lol: That is quite funny, but I never saw this here on TV.

16th January 2007, 23:36
It was a great series. They don't make great childrens TV like that any more.

When looking for it on youtube I also came across another one. Someone combined Lost with Trapdoor and have done it quite well.


Demon Cleaner
16th January 2007, 23:44
:lol: Well done, I kinda like the skull, a bit like Murray, bwahahaha.

17th January 2007, 11:13
It had to be one of my favourite shows when I was a kid...it was so crazy how they made weird bugs crawl around....flashing ones, multicoloured blobs....so insane.

17th January 2007, 11:54
It was one of my favourites too, along with Danger Mouse, Count Duckula and a few others. :)

17th January 2007, 14:16
Oh yeah, I remember seeing this! Had completely forgotten about it, this was one of my favourite shows!

I remember one episode where some horrible monster came out of the trapdoor. Was some really hideous beast, and Burke would be running from it and hiding from all the while the master would be yelling for food. In the end, Burke lured the monster into the food elevator and sent it up. And the master ended up commending him for the great meal. Kinda makes you wonder what kind of monster the master was! :D

17th January 2007, 14:22
Another one I remember involved a huge floating sponge escaping from the trapdoor. Burke spent the whole episode trying to chase it out of the castle, then once he got rid of it there was a huge flood and he suddenly needed something to mop it all up so the episode ended with Burke running out of the castle trying to call the sponge back. That series was mad!

17th January 2007, 20:41
Oh yea I remember that one! I can't wait to get them on DVD! The best show! :p

My fav had something to do with a mushroom....I think Burke fell in the trapdoor or something, I really can't remember, it was so long ago!

17th January 2007, 21:03
Did you manage to find the DVD? The UK Amazon has it http://www.amazon.co.uk/Trap-Door-William-Rushton/dp/B00079FGVM/sr=1-1/qid=1169071246/ref=pd_bowtega_1/203-2787153-8513539?ie=UTF8&s=dvd for 17.99

21st January 2007, 06:49
Yea I did, I just got to tell my Dad about it so I can use his net card to buy it. Cheers for the link