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16th January 2007, 23:25
A new year ppl! How bizzare! Well I'm back...finally got my computer issues fixed. It took so long due to laziness on my behalf, but its all good now. (Oh yea customer service call centres drive me nuts!)

But yes, whats going on with the peeps? I have enrolled in Japanese for this year, so that will be awesome!

Whoa! new forum! Sounds awesome....but the post count back to zero? Gah! :p Oh well, will have to post lots to get it back up there!

How was everyone's new years/christmas? Mine was ok, same usual small stuff....just chillin'.

What am I about to right now? Probably get up, have a shower and then continue on FFX, must complete the game! goddamn so long!


16th January 2007, 23:38
y'know, when I finished FFX I had forgotten some of what happened in the beginning. I swore that one day I would use the Action Replay to go back through it with no random encounters and a powerful squad to just take in the story. I really did enjoy it and the end was quite emotional for me.

Christmas and new year were cool, chilled out, played Wii, spent more time with family than I probably wanted but it was all OK. Break was over too quickly though and back to work :(

17th January 2007, 00:46
Great to see you back Submeg.

Japanese, that's gotta be quite hardcore. And really cool for gaming as you will then be able to play all the Japanese game releases that never get released outside of Japan. :thumbs:

FFX is a great game. I know what you mean about forgetting the early parts JT, I did too. If you both liked FFX then you will love FFXII it's a lot better than FFX which tells you a lot, and in many peoples view, including mine, FFXII is the best FF game to date!

Demon Cleaner
17th January 2007, 00:54
FFX was quite good, a bit linear though. Battle system was good too, the only thing I disliked, were the impossible tasks for getting the ultimate weapons, like dodging 200 thunderbolts, catching butterflies in a VERY limited time or winning a chocobo race in 0:00. Not to talk about the 500 blitzball matches you had to play for getting Waka's ultimate weapon. Nontheless I finished it without getting these weapons, which turned out to be very hard.

Next week I'm going to start with FFXII as I have finished the Xenosaga trilogy, and hearing people talk so much about the new FF. So it's a bit of my duty to play that RPG, before I start another one.

And btw, glad you finally made it back to the forums Submeg :thumbs:

17th January 2007, 12:07
I have been looking at FFXII, I love FFX, the first one I really have played...can't go back to the older titles due to the graphics. I can't wait for FFXII! I hate being in Aus, it takes so long for games to come out :( And for jap, I did it at school for a few years, so its not that bad, I should be able to pick it up easy enough.

Yea it took me a while to get here, but finally here :p

17th January 2007, 12:59
Can't go back because of the graphics! :o Oh how you disappoint me. :p

FFXII may, in many people view, be the best FF yet, but if you missed the previous games they really are a must play series. Maybe the rerelease of FF3 on the DS might tempt you?

Demon Cleaner
17th January 2007, 13:50
can't go back to the older titles due to the graphics.You disappoint me too mate :( some PSX titles like FF7, Xenogears or Chrono Cross are a must play IMO.

17th January 2007, 13:55
ok, FF is different graphics-wise. I have played a bit of FF8 after I had played FFX, and I just couldn't do it. The cut scenes were bleh as the people were too blocky. I have seen advent children and FF7 is awesome. I would love it if they did a remake of it. I have Dirge of Cerebus, but wont play that til I finish FFX. I dunno, FF has to have the graphics there, otherwise I'm a bit put off by it. :S just put it down to a weird sandwich that I ate once....that should clarify any questions you may have.:whistle:

Demon Cleaner
17th January 2007, 14:08
Dirge of Cerberus is no RPG, it's a 3rd person FPS.

17th January 2007, 15:13
Indeed, Dirge of Cerberus is one of the few games SquareEnix should never had made. It's not an RPG and isn't even based on any well know FF7 characters.

Although it's not the worst game there have ever turned out. Driving Emotion Type-S on the PS2 can take that crown, and I bloody bought it too! :(

17th January 2007, 15:22
Dirge of Cerberus isn't half bad, I started playing it about a week ago. It's far from the best thing I ever played though.

Nice to see you again, Submeg. :)

17th January 2007, 22:22
Cheers everyone. Xmas is always nuts, I work heaps and then I just collapse, so I never go on the net....aside from not having a comp! :mad: