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23rd March 2008, 10:20
Breakpoint 2008

The Breakpoint 2008 party is currently under way in Germany. In this thread, you'll find links to the different Amiga releases as they become available.

I'm trying to get the prods up on the main site with pictures and everything, so expect a few changes in the links during the coming days. ;)

Enjoy the show!

Amiga 4KB

Figure Four by Nature (http://www.classicamiga.com/content/view/4633/102/)

Amiga 64KB

Regrets by Moods Plateau (http://www.classicamiga.com/content/view/4632/102/)
Res Cogitans by Software Failure (http://www.classicamiga.com/content/view/4634/102/)
Supercool by Supergroup (http://www.classicamiga.com/content/view/4631/102/)

Amiga Demo

Electric Ocean by Brainstorm & RNO
Soliloquy by Elude
Surfing Great Victoria by Nature & Traktor
The Chronicles of Professor Arronax by Tulou
Twenty by Drifters
Vauxhall by Unique

24th March 2008, 11:43
Great. Will be taking a look at them as you add them to the site. :)

24th March 2008, 13:52
I'm sure you will enjoy the demos. Many excellent contributions this year. :)

25th March 2008, 17:48
Have finished adding the productions, so they are all available for download now.

Many of the demos this year require 68060. Have had some troubles running them through WinUAE (my A1200 has only got a 030). Although, one can always watch them through video. Have added a video of Nature's Figure Four now, so that you all can watch it on the main site. :) Hopefully we'll get videos for the other contributions as well.

25th March 2008, 18:23
Nice one. I just watched the video and the demo looks good. I liked the music too. However from watching the video of Nature's Figure Four production I can't really see why the system requirements are so high. I've seen productions with similar 3D effects that run on a standard A1200 before. Any ideas?

26th March 2008, 11:36
Figure Four is a good production and it's incredible how much they can pack into 4KB. According to the authors, this is what the intro includes:

- Realtime raytracing
- 14bit audio streaming
- Software synth

Amazing for only 4KB! :)

26th March 2008, 12:24
It is amazing to fit something like that into 4KB that is for sure. I have no idea how they could do that. The text I'm typing now is probably ending up taking up that much space! :blink:

I still don't get why the system requirements are quite so high though.

26th March 2008, 12:34
More videos have now been added to the site, which includes Soliloquy from Elude. Have also added many videos of other releases as well. Do a search for videos on the main site, and there should be quite a few popping up. ;)

26th March 2008, 12:42
Great work. I will take a look for sure when i get chance.

BTW, how is the site performing now?

26th March 2008, 12:46
BTW, how is the site performing now?

At the moment its doing Hamlets Soliloquy and later it's goint ot do a full production number from Cats. Some people are talking Olivier Awards....

27th March 2008, 12:46
After what I've experienced, the site is functioning well. Haven't had any of the slow-down problems after the bug fixes. :)

27th March 2008, 21:34
Surfing Great Victoria video is now up on the main site. Enjoy, as it is a very good demo.