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12th March 2008, 15:11
Compared to ATI drivers I've always found nVidia Forceware drivers to be easy to install and very stable.

However I was wondering if anyone here uses the beta Forceware driver releases? Or do you just stick with the last official certified driver releases?

I normally stick with the official certified drivers, unless I get a game that won't work without a beta version which happened with TimeShift when it was released. But since then newer certified drivers have appeared that now directly support it.

However currently the last certified drivers were released in December, whereas the latest beta was released only a few days ago. So to be right up to date you would need to take a risk with the beta releases, or end up waiting many months between updates.

12th March 2008, 21:03
I don't even keep up with the official releases. The only times I think about updating the graphics drivers is when some games have issues. And then getting the latest release usually fixes it. I stick with the official releases though. Mostly do that with anything actually, as betas are by definition unfinished versions.

Demon Cleaner
17th March 2008, 07:36
Never tried out the beta drivers myself.

17th March 2008, 16:33
They are basically the same as the release drivers, so no biggy, but as already pointed out they will include fixes. Many a time I have had to use the beta drivers just to be able to play a newly released game.

Last time was when The path of neo was released, man that game had problems, namely the copy protection, my drive didnt like it, so i was unable to even install the game, had to do alot of messing about, :(.