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12th March 2008, 14:27
Now here is how to build a system to blow the current opposition out of the water. Intel have now released a new motherboard that is a Dual Socket Extreme Platform. This is the first dual socket board from Intel and supports Quad core CPUs allowing you to build an 8 core system.

It supports Intel Core 2 Extreme and Intel Xeon processors, and up to 8GB of DDR2 800MHz ram, so you could build a monster of a system with this.


It is designed mainly to run two Quad Core 2 Extreme QX9775 CPUs, each containing 12MB of L2 cache, with each core clocked at 3.2GHz, on a 1600MHz FSB.

It is also rumoured that this board supports the new skulltrail platform standard, which supports quad SLI, allowing for 4 graphics cards to be used in SLI for gaming. Now how mad is that! At the moment, once drivers are available, you will be able to have 4 8800 Ultra's running in SLI mode. Imagine the sudden increase in framerates from such a system! :blink::o:cool:

But also it will mean you could use the dual graphics cards that are on the market that are basically two cards in a single slot package. This will allow you to have in theory 8 graphics cards in the system. :o

Now just to work out if there is actually a PSU on the market that can actually power that lot! Would a 1.1KW PSU be enough! :lol:

12th March 2008, 14:37
Would a mini nuclear reactor be enough???? That blows the ALX crossfire away. eight GPU's and cores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8GBRAM. All for 8,888 with 8 TB HDD 8 USB ports 8PCIe Slots and 8 anything else you want. I 8 that idea.;)

12th March 2008, 14:41
I think to complete the system it would need to be installed inside of an octagon shaped case. :)

12th March 2008, 14:44
Or a d8 style case. Maybe Octarine coloured. Probably won't be released until 08/08/08.;)